Fayose’s fallacious predictions

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It offered a season’s comic relief reading Governor Fayose’s 2017 laughable predictions. The predictions predicated more on déjà vu than any vestige of esotericism has further cast a slur on Fayose’s serious-mindedness as a state executive presiding over a state as impoverished as Ekiti with an economy that is languishing in  perpetual need of a focused leadership.

The 2016 version of the so called prediction fell within the precincts of contemporary events which a common buffoon could have anticipated.

For instance with militants on the prowl mutilating gas pipelines, do we need a clairvoyant to predict a drop in power generation and by extension a bad state of the economy owing to disruption in crude exploration?

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The situation above naturally would make unemployment inevitable.

The Federal government had no other option on subsidy removal so that does not suggest an intelligent prediction.

Part of these pedestrian predictions is that Boko Haram would keep spreading but the contrary is now very obvious.

There’s nothing predictive in saying that “Halliburton scam may be revisited” or that “Magu may face prosecution” of that “A former Head of state may pass on” when those events have the most likelihood of occurring given the obvious circumstances underlying them.

It’s like saying that Governor Fayose may go to prison for abusing his office after completing his tenure and calling it a prediction when its eventuality is obvious to even a primary school kid.

If Governor Fayose actually went to a secluded mountain to generate these predictions, he must have been visited with some hallucinations of a rarified quantum.

The Nigeria’s economic situation does not call for a Nostradamus but a patriotic exemplification in governance nuances, a perpendicular leadership integrity and servant leadership that inspires confidence in citizens.

These attributes though critical to economic recovery and nation building cannot get the job done when the main stay of the economy is being compromised by militants, kidnappers and economic saboteurs.

Fayose and other governors would the nation good to come up with policy alternatives that can stand the test of workability with testimonials from their states.

If that is not available Nigerians would rather support the present federal government in muddling through this recession rather than being distracted with infantile predictions.

Bukola Ajisola, Lagos

This was earlier published by Daily Trust 30/12/2016.

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