Beauty pageantry redefined

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*As ‘Face of Nigeria World’ produces 3 queens, runner-ups
By Ifeanyi O. Ifeanyi
Going through the history of beauty pageantry globally, it has always produced one winner queen with first, second and subsequent runner-up making the winners among wide contestants. Perhaps, the essence of beauty contest staged across all sectors, online inclusive, is looking for the most beautiful among contestants which include physical appeal, intellectual assessments, demeanor in camp, carriage on stage, poise on runway and other related yardsticks.
However, another innovative dimension to this contest has emerged with an introduction of three crown for three individual winners of same adjudged status. “First of its kind you may say, but the unique thing about it, is that it breeds healthy and robust expectations from the contestants with different qualities. And also afford the queens unalloyed dedication and services required of them in the area of their individual strength to the society” says Ozoya Salami, the man behind the creative idea.
Ozoya Salami is the project director of the ‘Face of Nigeria World’ beauty pageant and also Chief Executive Officer, Angeleyes Communication. In his comment he says “Having followed global pageantry trend and also hosted two successful competitions subsequently, I see my new idea as a way of redefining beauty pageantry. Beauty in all ramifications abounds in diverse nature with different qualities. But narrowing it down to a single winner-queen put other contestants on disadvantaged ebb without regard to their possessed potentials. What we introduce is a discerning platform that can produce 3 highly qualified contestants with different capacity strength.
“Mimi Orjiekwe, our first beauty pageant winner is a celebrated Nollywood actress, film producer. She runs a nonprofit foundation that caters for the less privileged in the society. Blessing Gold, our second winner have also pitched tent with Nollywood, acting,  runs a fashion outfit and other social intervention projects that is on-going. The duo has served as inspiration to our teaming pageant participants who see our platform as avenue to excel.” Ozoya stated.
Naturally, hosting beauty pageants is capital intensive. Some giants in the pageant business such as Silverbird group among others have played down on hosting concurrent pageantry. This however, may be linked to unfavourable economic situation in the country but Angeleyes, undauntedly forges ahead with believe in the economic advantage the event affords like tourism boost and business openings. 
Ozoya added; “It has been a progressive journey discovering talents, beautiful and brainy ladies who has impacted the society. Each year has been better than previous. We have at least 4 reigning beauty queens from different platforms that contested among the 20 ladies we featured this year.”
3 winner queens emerged in this 2016 Face of Nigeria World beauty pageant alongside other 2 winners. They include 24 year old Queen Edna Okpara who represented Miss Rivers, as ‘Face of Nigeria World Miss Universe’.  She is a graduate of International Relations, Les Cours Sonou University, cotuonu Benin Republic. Her ideal project is to help the widows and less privilege in the society which she has vowed to pursue vigorously.  
Next is 18 year old Queen Ijeoma Okafor representing Miss Imo as ‘Face of Nigeria World’ ‘Miss Tourism’.  She is a 300 level Banking and Finance undergraduate of Madonna University, Anambra State. Her strength lies in helping the internally displaced persons in camps and also developing ailing tourism industry in Nigeria.
The third queen is 26 year old Queen Chidinma Edochie representing Miss Akwa Ibom as ‘Face of Nigeria World Heritage’. Helping the orphans and sickle cell affected children in the society is her special interest. 
Other two winners include Queen Yetunde Savage, 20 year old entrepreneur representing Miss Osun as ‘Face of Nigeria World South West.’ She picks interest in helping the youths through sports competition as means of kicking against crime in the society and lastly, 23 year old QUEEN Princess Ayi, representing Miss Cross River as Face Of Nigeria World Miss Personality’. She is a 30 level Law student of National Open University of Nigeria. She will work with disconnected school children to give them meaningful life.
The fully packed and colourful event also had awards sections for distinguished personalities in Nigeria. Among the recipients include Mimi Orjiekwe for her immerse contribution to the entertainment industry, Alex Nwankwo, AlexReporters, an online platform, Bose Aloa, film producer, Taiwo Said US based businessman.
Ozoya Salami in his goodwill remark said, “We just want to acknowledge each winner’s individual strengths. That’s why we are introducing three winners because I believe in change, innovation and creativity. We have to work with the winners according to their capacity and passion.
Face of Nigeria World beauty pageant is in affiliation with Miss Heritage International. Our next line of action is to take the pageantry to other states in Nigeria as a ways of showcasing the tourism potentials and image branding of such states. It will also go a long way to get the state governors endorse and key into our progressive agenda of rebranding Nigeria.

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