Damaged Nord Stream threads contained about 800 mln cubic meters of gas — Gazprom


Russian gas.

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Three threads of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines contained about 800 mln cubic meters of gas at the time when an incident took place, Spokesman for Russia’s Gazprom gas giant Sergey Kupriyanov told a UN Security Council meeting.

“According to current estimates, three threads of the gas pipelines contained about 800 million cubic meters of gas at the time of the incident. For reference, it is the amount of gas that Denmark uses in three months.

“Data about a sharp drop in pressure and gas leaks makes it possible to say with confidence that the integrity of the pipelines was violated by physical damage,” he pointed out, adding that although no gas was being transported via the gas pipelines at the time of the incident, both gas pipelines had been ready for operation.

Gazpropm has started to search for solutions to restore the efficiency of the Nord Stream system but it’s impossible to say how much time it will take at the moment. “One thing that can be said for sure is that it is a very difficult technical task,” Kupriyanov noted.

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