Replacement for Lego launched in Russia


VLADIVOSTOK, RUSSIA Ц DECEMBER 23, 2021: An employee at the opening of the first Lego shop in Vladivostok at the Kalina Mall shopping centre. To mark the opening, Lego has created a panorama of Vladivostok made of around 6000 Lego bricks. The shop features a Pick-a-Brick wall where customers can choose individual bricks of different sizes and colours. Yuri Smityuk/TASS

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The Inventive Retail Group is launching a multi-brand retail project dubbed Mir kubikov (The World of Cubes) on the retail premises, where Lego previously operated, the company said in a statement.

“The Inventive Retail Group, a group of companies that manages specialized retail and online stores, as well as corporate sales and distribution of consumer goods of the world’s leading brands, announces the launch of a new multi-brand retail project called Mir Kubikov. The new chain will appear in place of certified Lego stores,” the statement says.

The new project will consist of 65 stores in more than 20 cities across Russia, as well as an online store, with orders to be delivered nationwide. The outlet will have a multi-brand assortment. Lego will remain on its list and will be purchased through parallel imports from other suppliers, since Lego has stopped working in Russia.

The Inventive Retail Group will start replenishing store shelves with new brands in November 2022. The company does not exclude rolling out its own name-brand range of products in the future, the statement says.

The first chain stores have already changed signboards and the retailer plans to update them completely by the end of October. In 2022, the company does not plan to open new stores, but later on it is ready to return to opening new outlets and developing the format, the statement adds.

The Inventive Retail Group is a group of companies that operates retail and online stores, as well as corporate sales and distribution of consumer products from the world’s leading brands, including re:Store, which specializes in Apple products.

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