Wike, Ikpeazu, PDP supporters of corrupt judges are ignorant


Great Imo Jonathan

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By Great Imo Jonathan

A lot people who are ignorant in the matters of security are the ones ranting about simply out of politics. Most of them if you check their profile are members of the opposition party who originally hate Buhari and everything he does because he defeated their clueless leadership and crashed their corruption train. Whatever he does as far as they are concerned is bad and this is not different. But importantly, these supporters of these alleged criminals are ignorant about crime fighting.
If a criminal minded judge has been monitored over a period of time and it is observed that he harbours any incriminating evidence with him, you will be a fool to believe that he will willingly surrender it to you. It is acceptable in law and practice to storm in on the person in order to secure that evidence. A criminal of any kind will not willingly submit an evidence to a law officer.
And this will not be the first time it is happening in Nigeria. It is a regular occurrence and these judges, themselves, know it because they are the people who seat in judgment over these matters.

The PDP involvement

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What is making this matter an issue is the PDP involvement. PDP governors like Wike and Ikpeazu of Abia state who go about bribing judges are jittery because they are the ones that gave them these monies.

To the extent that Wike, a governor who usually drinks himself to stupor every night lost his highness in the middle of the night and was ready to die for a judge who is a federal government worker and supposedly not a PDP member. Wike knew something incriminating was on the judge and that a successful arrest will lead evidence to him.

And you can expect that ordinary PDP members will support their blood thirsty leaders like Wike. Not because they love these judges or because they are unfairly treated but simply because their leaders are supporting these judges and for what reason their ignorant selves are not aware.

When did it become an issue in Nigeria to storm anybody’s house in search of evidence? This is something that happens everyday in this country and you never hear all these emergency activists cough.  EVEN OUR CURRENT PRESIDENT, MR MUHAMMADU BUHARI’S HOUSE WAS STORMED IN I985 AND DOCUMENTS WERE TAKEN AWAY.  AND FOR THREE YEARS HE WAS IN DETENTION WITHOUT TRIAL.

These chipping wailers did not make noise of it. But today they are jumping stupidly about simply because their blood thirsty Wike is defending one of the judges in an attempt to hide his own criminal record not because they love these judges.

DSS should please go on and arrest any idiot, if they like in commando style. And please when next any idiot tries to obstruct them in the name of a governor, they should deal with him mercilessly.

The corruption in Nigeria is unusual and in fact require unusual force to deal with. We are in support of every effort to rid this country of corruption, just like Singapore did in unusual manner before it became a prosperous country.

No amount of blackmail and armtwisting can stop this war. We are behind DSS.

*Great Imo Jonathan is public relations consultant.

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