Why Wasn’t Tinubu Rejected When He Donated To Churches, Sponsored Pastors, Support Group Asks

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Why Wasn’t Tinubu Rejected When He Donated To Churches, Sponsored Pastors, Support Group Asks

The Tinubu Support Group has wondered why Asiwaju Bola Tinubu was not rejected on the basis of his religion when he was donating to churches, sponsoring pastors and contributing millions of dollars to the welfare of Christians.

“When he built several Christians and empowered them, financially and politically, CAN & PFN didn’t call him a Muslim.
When he nominated Osinbajo, a Pentecostal pastor, as VP, almost all the Christians sang his praises. They didn’t call him by his religion,” the group said on Facebook.

This was stated amid a kick against the alleged move by Tinubu to run for president on a Muslim-Muslim ticket.

The group continued, “In the southwest, between 2011-2019, when Muslims dominated the region as governors, CAN was there shouting marginalization, Islamization up and down. But now that the only Muslim governor is that of Osun State, CAN is silent.

“In Osun State, where there is significant population of Muslims, PDP has settled for a Christian/Christian ticket for 2023 Governorship election. You will never hear CAN speak against it. At least, there’s the Osun State branch of CAN, why are they silent?

“Now, because two pastors contested and lost to Tinubu, in the just concluded APC presidential primary, CAN has started playing religious cards. They have started speaking from the both sides of their mouths, saying Tinubu should pick a Christian as VP. Do they really want Tinubu to win the presidential election? No. Rather, they are secretly rooting for Peter Obi, because of religion.

“Although, there are many capable northern Christians, who will perform better as VP, what if that puts Tinubu’s candidacy at a disadvantage? Is he in the race to win or to balance an equation that may not favour him? Are CAN and those saying he should pick a Christian as VP sincere about their agitation?. Many of them may not vote for him, even if he picks Bishop Kukah as VP.

“However, there are still many of us in the Christendom, who are independent-minded and see things differently better. We don’t relate with people based on their religion or tribe. We relate based on the mutual understanding that we are all creatures of God almighty, and we are bound to love and help one another. And by God’s grace, we will massively vote for Tinubu in 2023.

“Finally, the only sin Tinubu committed against CAN and the Southeasterners was because he supported Buhari to defeat Jonathan (CAN’s favourite president) in 2015. CAN just played along all these years because of Osinbajo, as VP. So now that Osinbajo lost to Tinubu, all hell let loose. This is the truth. And as things are going, very soon, we will reveal those churches and pastors who have greatly benefited from Tinubu’s generosity. Time to end this nonsense is NOW.”

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