Why Southern Kaduna is in crisis – Ex Gov Kaita


Alhaji Lawal Kaita, a former Governor of old Kaduna State.

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*Those who still believe that Buhari is caged are wrong – Kaita

A Second Republic Governor of Kaduna State, under the platform of the National Party of Nigeria (NPN), Alhaji Lawal Kaita, has identified the cause of the Southern Kaduna crisis to the quest for religious and political relevance.

The former governor, in an exclusive interview with Daily Trust on Sunday, said selfishness and struggles for religious and political relevance was the bane of the constant crisis in Kaduna State.

“I remember when I was governor of Kaduna State. We were fighting for the creation of Katsina State, and the late Sheikh Abubakar Gumi came to my office and tried to persuade me to stop the agitation. He said Kaduna State without Katsina will be a trouble spot. There would be constant trouble between Southern Zaria and Northern Zaria. But I told him, sir I can`t stop it because we want our own independence.

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“At the time, many people were against state creation, just to avoid these crises. General Shehu Musa Yar`adua was against it, and so also was Gen. Muhammadu Buhari. Abubakar Gumi foresaw this and told me to stop, but here we are today, Katsina State was created and Kaduna is in crisis,” he said.

On whether he thought President Buhari has good intention for Nigeria side by side the complains even by his wife that he had been caged, the 84-year-old former governor said, “Yes, very good intentions.  The Buhari I know has good intentions for Nigeria, and cannot be caged. I know Mamman Daura personally. He is very nice, very intelligent, very committed and hard working. So, for those who still believe that Buhari is caged, they are wrong. He is strongly independent.

“Maybe the economic recession is biting people very hard and there is no good response from the government. And for ordinary people, even food to eat has become increasingly difficult. So, however much you try to persuade people that Buhari is doing well, people will not believe you.

When asked if there was any difference between the political process during his time and the present day, Alhaji Kaita responded, “The political changes in Nigeria are shocking. In our time, there is dedication and commitment, and money was not our priority. What people so much care about is ideology not money. You cannot influence people with money.

“When I was ousted from government, I just had N133,000 in my wife`s account. I only survived with that N133,000 and this house. But now, governors are billionaires. I keep wondering how somebody could have such huge amount of money as a public office holder.”

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