Wailers, see how wicked you are to Nigeria


A typical Nigerian wailer

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You say you are criticising President Muhammadu Buhari because he promised that he would change Nigeria for better than the Goodluck Jonathan government but that he has failed yo change anything for better.

First and foremost, be sincere to yourself, has Buhari truly failed any of his promises? You must answer this question or you are shut down permanently.

Secondly, what is your criticism actually about? That he has performed but his performance is not enough or that he has not performed at all? We are waiting for your response.

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Again, somebody said he would use Nigeria’s resources judiciously well for the good of Nigeria and the masses of Nigerian people but when he got there he found that all the money had been stolen. He cried out to the people what he found. You the wailers said he was lying and so he started arresting the thieves and you said because they were only PDP then Buhari is doing witchhunting. The moment the “witchhunted” began to confess to truly stealing Nigeria’s money in billions of dollars and pound sterling, you ran underground.

Now you are back when it seems to you that your #CorruptionFightBack mission will be accomplished without you knowing that we in the Change Struggle are so resilient that we will never get tired.

You are now saying that car is costly, rice is costly, tooth pick is costly. And I ask, how? You say because car and rice importation through land borders is banned and so that those smuggling those things in don’t find it easy with Customs thereby justifying the hike in prices. You are therefore a wicked soul and not fit to call yourself a Nigerian. How is ban in importation of anything responsible for 500 percent hike in price of it? I was telling some of my co-travellers in the struggle, Adedoyin Fusika and Wale Ogunyemi how an Igbo guy told me his “I pass my neighbour” generator of N10,000 had increase in price to N27,000 because Customs CG banned its importation. If government bans something due to the havok it causes to human life, how sensible it us for a particular set of people still having the old ones in shop to now sell it costlier? In a normal clime, that type of N10,000 killer generator will sell for N3,000 so as to quickly dispose it off shop. But in Nigeria, government says certain product should not be consumed in the country, the marketers of that product jack up its price because they so much believe that they will always be able to have it despite the ban. No thanks at this point to some Customs officials who are corruptly bent on conniving with smugglers thereby refusing to carry out openly and inwardly the anti-smuggling orders of their CG as directed by the government.

Back to the wailers, you didn’t vote for a government, the government got in spite of your blockages and evil plots. On getting there it tells the good hearted people that voted it in that what he promised to do, the rogues it flushed out of office have stolen all the money to fulfill it but that “Never mind, we will take loan and recover some of the looted money to be able to do it to the extent the little funds we can raise can take it.” What other way of showing transparency, accountability and sincerity do you and ant other than this?

Unfortunately, because you talk before you think and just open mouth and talk on any issue of national concern without looking at history and thinking that every other person is as daft as you are, you are ignorantly so loud at your wailing and more sadly, even some so called Change Agents who don’t know how you operate would have joined you before they are educated and now dump you again.

To you, if Buhari comes again he will lose but I put it to you and I am so highly confident about it, if Buhari comes three times he will always win elections. That is where I agree with Donald Trump and Wole Soyinka who on separate occasions called Nigerians “Stupid”, “Moron”. They are correct because what many Nigerians ask for politicians to be voted for is far away from what a people working for better country ask for.

At Sango-Ijoko Local Council market daily, people will come from Lagos to buy bags of rice at N14,000 only to take them to Iyana Ipaja, Egbeda, Agege, Oshodi and sell same for N22,000. You that are now buying from them knowing how much it is sold where they buy it from, encouraging the stealing and wicked people to make things hard by your patronage, you are now saying that it is Buhari that has betrayed Nigerians causing hike in prices.

You better watch it before you are ceased by God in your evil way!

*This was picked with permission from the Facebook wall of Prince Bashir Adefaka.

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