The miracle tree in Ogun: An eyewitness account


The miracle tree

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By Luqman Olowo

On Saturday 7th of January 2017, I received an information about a Moringa tree having the name “Allah” written in Arabic inscription by it side.

I got to the location which was owned by a Christian with a church in front of the tree at Ire Akari Estate, opposite Ile Okete, Abule Iroko, Ado Odo Ota Local Government Area, Ogun State.

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The man said he noticed the inscription on Tuesday but didn’t understand it until some little children who came around saw and raised alarm which later called the attention of Muslims around that area.

He also called on Muslims to come and observe Salat Jumu’ah there on Friday which they did on Friday 6th January 2017.

Ever since this sign was discovered, people, both Muslims and the non-Muslims had been trooping in and out of the location.

Amazingly there’s another Moringa tree at the entrance of the place, which also has the name of Allah but is not as clear as the one in man’s compound.

The unfortunate aspect of the story is story is that some Muslims and non-Muslims used this medium to commit what is known in Islam as Shirk (act of associating partner with Allah) by embracing and touching the tree with sachet water and then drinking or bathing with it afterward.  Some even preaching at the location and claiming that there is acceptance of prayer through it.
Points Muslims should note

Brethren in Islam, let us all understand that Allah promised this Ummah that such signs would come but their coming is just to increase the Ummah in faith not for anybody to worship the signs.

Allah says: “We will show them Our Signs in the universe, and in their own selves, until it becomes manifest to them that this is the truth. Is it not sufficient in regard to your Lord that He is a Witness over all things? (Qur’an 41 verse 53).

He (Allah) also says: “And of mankind are some who take for worship others beside Allah as rivals. They love them as they love Allah… If only those who do wrong could see, When they will see the torment, that all power belongs to Allah and that Allah is Severe in punishment. (Qur’an 2 verse 165).

He also says: “Verily, Allah forgives not that partners should be set up with Him (in worship), but He forgives except that (anything else) to whom He wills; and whoever sets up partners with Allah (in worship), he has indeed invented a tremendous sin.

At this point, we should all understand that signs appear to mankind in order to realise that He (Allah) really exists and mode of its appearance and the language in which it appears direct all human race to the language He chose for worship.”

More signs coming

Still expecting more Signs to come, this is not the beginning and it will never be the end.

*Luqman Olowo, Deputy Imam of Vanguard Media Muslim Community, wrote from Lagos.

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