Russia’s Almaz-Antey upgrades E-NEVA electric car platform to gas-electric


File: An electric car presented to Russian market.

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The unmanned modular electric platform was presented in August 2021

Almaz-Antey upgraded the unmanned electric platform that was supposed to become a groundwork for the E-NEVA electric car, into a gas-electric one, Almaz-Antey Deputy CEO on industrial-technological policy Alexander Vedrov told TASS.

“We are currently upgrading it [the platform] into a gas-electric one. The test unit is currently at the Obukhov State Plant (an Almaz-Antey subsidiary). Together with [Gazprom Deputy CEO] Vitaly Markelov, we agreed that we will present a complete prototype in April. After that, we will think together with Gazprom, because we develop and already ship refueling stations for compressed natural gas. Therefore, the next step is a developed car,” Vedrov said.

The unmanned modular electric platform was presented in August 2021; in December, Almaz-Antey announced its plan to develop an electric car, named E-NEVA, based on this platform.

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The Obuhkov plant registered a patent for an SUV-class electric car, as well as 7 interior and exterior components, including dashboard, multi-function steering wheel, doors interior etc.

Almaz-Antey is one of Russia’s largest military-industrial enterprises, which includes over 60 research institutes, design bureaus, factories and repair facilities. Its products are shipped to over 50 countries.


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