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REGIONALISM: De Renaissance Patriots, others win as Nigeria’s Parliament say no to proposal


It was a case of yet another win for De Renaissance Patriots Foundation and other groups in the country that have kicked against the nature of regional government structure being proposed in a Bill sent to the nation’s National Assembly.

Although the Senate Senate denied knowledge or existent of the bill that had gone viral, The DEFENDER reported earlier in the week that De Renaissance Patriots, in a statement released from their Media Office, refused to believe the Red Chamber as it noted that it is their way to be doing something and still deny know of it.

The Prince Adelani Adeniji-Adele-led Group said, in event that such bill scales through at the National Assembly, it will not go with Western Region.

However, the House of Representatives rose on Friday to take a firm position on the contentious bill seeking to reinstate regional governments in the country.

Following extensive deliberations and consultations, the Green Chamber officially rejected the bill, citing concerns over its potential implications on the nation’s unity, governance structure, and socio-political dynamics.

In a session characterised by impassioned debates, lawmakers from various political divides voiced their reservations about the proposed legislation, as many of them argued that reverting to regional governments could exacerbate ethnic tensions, undermine national cohesion, and roll back the progress made in promoting inclusivity and equal representation.

Additionally, proponents of the rejection highlighted the need to focus on strengthening existing governmental structures, enhancing decentralisation efforts, and addressing the root causes of socio-economic disparities across the nation.

They emphasised the importance of fostering unity in diversity and promoting a sense of belonging among all Nigerians, regardless of their regional or ethnic backgrounds.

The decision by the House of Representatives reflects a broader consensus among lawmakers and stakeholders, who view the bill as a potential threat to Nigeria’s stability and democratic development.

While acknowledging the historical context and grievances that underpin the call for regional governments, the majority of legislators believe that pursuing such a course would be counterproductive and risk further polarising the country.

Moving forward, the rejection of the bill signals a commitment by the House of Representatives to uphold the principles of federalism, inclusivity, and national unity.

Lawmakers have pledged to explore alternative avenues for addressing the concerns raised by proponents of regional governments while safeguarding the integrity and unity of the Nigerian state.

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