Rail connectivity will reduce cost, benefit shippers – NSC boss


A Nigerian train.

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Mr Hassan Bello, the Executive Secretary of Nigerian Shippers Council (NSC), says rails connected to the Inland Dry Ports will benefit shippers by reducing the cost of transportation drastically.

Bello said this on Friday at the sideline of the Lagos-Ibadan rail project in Abeokuta.

According to him, the rail project will create opportunities for investment for private sector especially in the 10 rail stations and also opportunities for employment for the economy.

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“At the end of May, tracks would have been laid up till Ibadan and there will be an opportunity for investment of the private sector especially in stations.

“So there will be involvement of the community and it is not just that. We are creating chains of opportunities, lines of communication and also the employment content of this project is very high.

“The Shippers will benefit more than anybody because the cost of the transportation of their cargo from the sea to their warehouses will reduce drastically.

“Truck is the only method we have now. The truckers will have competition and the law of demand and supply will apply and then the security and safety of the cargo will improve. So, there will be a delivery of cargo in smooth way.”

Bello said that the rail would also lead to decongestion of the port and increase the durability of roads across the country.

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