People need good music even in recession, ‘Kakaki Jesu’ declares


Adeshile and his instrument.

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By Ifeanyi Onuoha

 The Uk based Nigerian gospel musician, Peter Adeshile (aka) Kakaki Jesu is a new discovery making waves in gospel genre. His dexterity with saxophone and trumpet earned him the pet name ‘Kakaki’ the Trumpeter. The Oyo State, Nigeria-born banker turned musician is doing well in England, with his Afro highlife touch to contemporary gospel, heavily laced with wind instrument – saxophone and trumpet.

Adeshile, who is putting a finishing touch to his second album after a successful debut, reveals to The DEFENDER Entertainment how the journey into gospel music has taken hold on him and the secret behind the name ‘Kakaki Jesu’.

“I started my music career playing the trumpet. I was a member of the boy’s brigade in my community here in Lagos back then as a teenager. In this club we were expected to learn how to play as many instruments as possible. I started with the drums and then moved to the trumpet due to the influence of my mentor a senior officer of Boys Brigade Mr. Debo Norma-Williams. He was glad to teach me when I approached him. I performed credibly well in trumpet and that earned me the nick name ‘Kakaki’ meaning the Trumpet.
“When I arrived in the UK, I began to hone my music career going round playing at church engagements.  I was always asked if I could play the Saxophone as well. A sister in the church by name Susan Odushola equally inspired the urge to take up Saxophone as a special instrument as she had always asked that I could be of help to the church if I play the saxophone aside the trumpet. I did and perfected it so well through the help of a friend in Nigeria by name Biodun Adeoye.  Biodun was the baritone and saxophone player for Femi Kuti’s band.”

Adeshile whose debut song called ‘Amazing Grace’ done on saxophone and doing so well in the market, is working hard on his second album titled, ‘Afro according to Gospel’. The yet to be released album has eight tracks with the first song titled ‘Accept Christ’ done in full Afro format.

Speaking on his inspiration and people that influenced his choice of new career, he said: “I love the Lord, maybe because I grew up in the Christian community. As a Christian, I look at what is going on in the Diaspora. It seems like the end time is near and I feel it is time to accept Christ and propagate the gospel through music.”

The soft spoken musician said that he was inspired by the likes of Fela Kuti, Kirk Whalum, Ron Brown, Rick Braun and Charlie Parker.

According to him, music has come to stay in his life after shelving other careers. Adeshile, who spoke on the current music scene, however, feels optimistic that the industry seems to be picking up even in the face of recession. He said people always need good and inspiring music to merry the soul and keep hope alive.

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