Muslim Ummah urged to emulate Prophet Muhammad


Some members of Woman Wing of ZASRAM.

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Muslim Ummah (Community) in Nigeria has been urged to emulate the exemplary character of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), which made him unique among mankind.

Founder and Chief Missioner (worldwide) of the Zawiyatul-Sofwatur-Rahmatil-Islamiyyat (ZASRAM), Ota, Ogun State, Sheik Abdur-Razaq Onaolapo Kasolayo, who made this call last Sunday at his mosque’s Maoludi Nabiyi said “it was our Prophet’s character of honesty, trust worthiness, justice and fairness to all without discrimination that made his community an orderly one during his life time.”

According to the cleric, if the present day community leaders could imbibe the holy Prophet’s character in their day-to-day affairs, “our society would have been better for it,” reminding that, “the Almighty Allah is so pleased with his golden messenger’s character so much that he described him in the glorious Qur’an, ‘surely, you are a man of great character.”

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The Ifon, Osun State-born cleric, who regretted the disorderliness in the society today, blamed the decadence currently experienced on the leadership of various communities who he lamented “are lacking in leadership quality because of their chaotic way of life.”

The concerned Islamic scholar therefore implored both leaders and followers in any community to turn a new leaf enthusing that, “if we all agree to change our attitudinal behaviour, the society will be better for all of us.”

He emphasised the power that good behaviour wield in the society just as he reminded his congregation that, “Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) converted a lot of pagans to Islam through his behavioral pattern,”  asserting that, “even the non believers of his time agreed that he was of great character.”

Any leader that is worth his salt, Kasolayo stated, “should work his talk by saying, ‘do as I do and not as I say.’”

He therefore urged Muslims to make resolution to be of exemplary character like Prophet Muhammad, assuring that, “if we do so, our tomorrow will always be better than our today.”

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