{LETTER} Yan Dangwalen seeks Kano Assembly’s nod to reinstate Sanusi


Alhaji Muhammadu Sanusi II.

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The Kano Electorate, also known as “Yan Dangwalen Jihar Kano”, has written to seek the Kano State Assembly’s review of the law promulgated by the Abdullahi Ganduje administration to establish four additional Gaya, Rano, Karaye, and Bichi emirates.

Recall that on December 5, 2019, Ganduje then as governor, signed the new law to establish the new emirates on the same day it was unanimously passed by the state legislators.

Barely three months after the establishment of the new emirates, the governor dethroned the then Emir of Kano, Alhaji Muhammadu Sanusi II, and banished him to Awe in Nasarawa State.

Accirding to a media report, there are speculations over the plan to reinstate the emir and dissolve the additional emirates, believed to have been established to spite the emir and reduce his influence.

In an interview after the victory of the governor at the Supreme Court in January, the leader of Kwankwasiyya movement, Rabiu Kwankwaso, hinted that the governor might review the law establishing the emirates.

And in what appears as implementing the plan to reinstate Sanusi and dissolve the additional emirates, a pressure group, “Yan Dangwalen Jihar Kano” (the Kano Electorate), in a letter dated February 5, 2024 and addressed to the speaker of Kano State House of Assembly, said the dissolution of the emirates and reinstatement of Sanusi as emir of Kano “will foster unity, peace, and stability within Kano State and its neighboring communities”.

The letter reads: “We write to plead to your honorable office to please redress the Executive governor and also draw the attention of the honorable members the section that governs the additional emirs in Kano State. Specifically, we would like to request a review and potential dissolution of the additional emirs and section that led to the creation of the four additional emirates.

“It is our firm belief that consolidating the emirates into a single entity will lead to greater unity and progress for the people of Kano. This consolidation may serve to streamline governance and promote a more cohesive community for the betterment of all citizens.

“We acknowledge the rightful authority of the Kano State House of Assembly in the issue of emirate management. However, we humbly request your esteemed assembly to revisit and reconsider the decision to remove HRH Sanusi Lamido Sanusi from his throne. Our belief is based on the belief that his reinstatement will foster unity, peace, and stability within Kano State and its neighboring communities.

“HRH Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is a highly respected and influential figure who has demonstrated his commitment to the well-being of the people of Kano State throughout his tenure as Emir. During his time in office, he worked tirelessly to promote social and economic development, education, healthcare, and improved living standards for the citizens of Kano State.

“Removing HRH Sanusi Lamido Sanusi from his throne has caused division and unrest among the people of Kano State, creating unnecessary tension within the community.

“By reinstating him as the Emir, we firmly believe that unity will be restored, bringing about a sense of togetherness and harmony.

“Furthermore, HRH Sanusi Lamido Sanusi’s extensive knowledge, experience, and connections both within Nigeria and internationally make him a valuable asset not only to Kano State but also to Nigeria as a whole. His reinstatement will not only benefit Kano State but also contribute to the overall development and progress of the nation.

“We, the undersigned, kindly request your intervention and appeal to the Kano State House of Assembly to consider the possibility of restoring HRH Sanusi Lamido Sanusi as the Emir of Kano State. We believe that this decision will help heal the current rift and promote unity, not only among the people of Kano State but also among neighboring communities.

“We sincerely hope that you will take our request into careful consideration, recognizing the importance of unity and the well-being of the people you represent.

“Your leadership and decision-making will undoubtedly shape the future of Kano State, and we trust that you will make a choice that will promote harmony and progress.

“We humbly urge the esteemed members of the Assembly to consider this matter in the interest of the progress and unity of Kano State. Your thoughtful consideration of this issue will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the future of our community.

“We hope our plea will be honorably considered as an important matter and look forward to the positive outcomes that can arise from this crucial review.”

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