Hajj pilgrims arrive in Muzdalifah after spending the day in Arafat

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Hajj 2020 pilgrims have arrived in Muzdalifah to rest after spending the day in Arafat.

Earlier, they listened to a sermon delivered by Sheikh Abdullah Al-Manea and prayed Dhuhr and Asr prayers together at the Al-Namirah Mosque in Arafat.

Pilgrims then climbed to the summit of the Mount of Mercy, a rocky hill outside Makkah, to recite the Qur’an, repent and ask God for their needs and wishes.

This year, a downsized Hajj due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic means that the hill was not as crowded as in previous years when it would be covered in a sea of umbrellas as people tried to protect themselves from the burning sun.

The stay in Arafat is described as the pinnacle of Hajj and Muslims around the world reflect the actions of pilgrims by asking for forgiveness and praying for their deepest desires.

Pilgrims left Arafat in coaches for Muzdalifah after sunset and will pray the Maghrib and Isha prayers there.

They will then sleep, pray the Fajr prayer there tomorrow and then leave for Mina.

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