Examining the claim that Buhari divided Nigeria, by Taiwo Ajakaye

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Mohammed bin Tauhid, on Wednesday January 11, 2023, reposted an article by Taiwo Ajakaye titled, “HOW BUHARI DIVIDED NIGERIA FURTHER…” The DEFENDER, after securing permission, hereby presents the article to its global readers. Excerpts:


You must have heard this narrative more than enough for the past 7 years of this Buhari admin….”Nigeria has never been this divided”.

I have heard it EVERYWHERE including from religious gathering & religious leaders.
Have you probed this?

All that Buhari did to divide Nigeria further was to simply believe he was eligible to be lead as a Nigerian from the Northern part of the Country who also chose to be a Muslim by religious affiliation.

That was all the ingredient needed to divide Nigeria further. What else pls?

Oh, his many sins that divided Nigeria further was his claim of been MR INTEGRITY…That SPECIFIC word USUALLY unsettles MANY religious leaders whose consciences are suddenly exposed to x-ray of what they ought to be but the contrary is what they become. Which Integrity?

His age, tribe & religion were actually the catalysts of what divided Nigeria further. But he’s not the only one in his 70s then, not the only Hausa Fulani or Muslim in politics..
No, they love old people that are crook like #AtikuGate
They love Muslims/Christians that play game.

So, in 2011 Buhari chose to run his plan with Pastor Tunde Bakare & DIVISION started.

Religious leaders turned their heat on Tunde Bakare for accepting to align with Buhari.

There was this emblem sold in the religious circle: “Buhari will Islamize Nigeria”. That’s all.

So, when Buhari came back in 2014 in that alliance with Tinubu leading APC, it was a sellable template to paint that Buhari to some Nigerians: “Buhari will Islamize Nigeria”.
If you don’t understand this, go back & listen to Pastor Bosun’s message of 2014. DIVISION tone was SET!

If you want to DIVIDE anything anywhere, set the tone of Religion & Ethnicity, no matter what the person does or does not do, every step would be judged remotely from that perspective.

So, Buhari began to push Jonathan to every denomination as their ANOINTED candidate不DIVISION!

So, Jonathan rode on that sentiment widely shared in 2014 & moved from one denomination to another while his VP Namadi Sambo on the other hand was playing exactly the same religious card against VP Osinbajo, by telling them in the North that PMB’s VP was a Pastor.不不

Another ETHNIC emblem: “Buhari will FULANIZE Nigeria”.
So the tone was clear since 2014 in the Southern part of Nigeria. “They are against Jonathan because he’s from the South & a Christian”.

Once you have the combination of using religion & ethnicity against anyone, forget UNITY.

Then election happened in 2015 & the historical upset that removed PDP happened. Remember that PDP was GOOD to religious leaders & Media platforms all through in terms of SHARING FORMULA, hence the media was used from the outset to push the narratives of DIVISION. 2015 happened不

No matter what Buhari endeavor to do in the South East for instance, the elders from the East already set the tone of “Buhari hate Igbos”. Ask them if there has been any President in Nigeria’s history that invested so much in the East, they will say “is it his money?”不不

We waited & waited for 4 years & Buhari refused to Islamize the Country o, then 2019 came and Atiku became our Christian candidate and Southern savior…

One nonentity called Nnamdi Kanu in the East said Buhari is dead & we now have Jubrin from Sudan, from that point, see drama!

So, Buhari pushed Nnamdi Kanu disciples irrespective of their education or exposure to call the Northerners all kinds of names & Yorubas “Fulani Slaves”…

Buhari also touched the heart of people on the pulpit with influence to begin to say exact things Nnamdi Kanu said.

One very unfortunate issue happened, abduction & Leah Shaibu was not released. Instead of concentrating on the issue while calling out Buhari as the head of Govt, my people said the lady was not rescued by Buhari because she’s a Christian. They freely sold this narrative till now.

Many used the unfortunate incidence to make money like Reno Omokiri. Unfortunate issue of Chibok girls happened during Jonathan who’s meant to be the “Christian candidate”, yet MANY of those Chibok girls were Christians.
Why are YOU not mentioning the Chibok Christians abducted?

Things got so bad in 2018 that our Prophets became dull of hearing having yielded their spirit to gall of hatred. They prophesied about the death of Buhari as though they have power to answer prayers by themselves.
So, this is how Buhari DIVIDED Nigeria嗯儭

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