Donald Rump: Madeleine Albright and Big Bang actress vow to register as Muslims if…


Former America's Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright

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A former US Secretary of State and a Big Bang Theory actress have both vowed to register as Muslim if Donald Trump creates a database of Muslim Americans.

Politician Madeleine Albright and Mayim Bialik said they “stand ready” to register, in defiance of the new President.

“I was raised Catholic, became Episcopalian & found out later my family was Jewish,” Ms Albright – the first woman to be named Secretary of State – tweeted on Wednesday.

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“I stand ready to register as Muslim in #solidarity.” The tweet gained tens of thousands of likes.

Her comments come as rumours continue to circulate about an executive order which would announce extreme vetting, a refugee ban and a ban on arrivals from seven countries, said to include Syria, Yemen and Iraq.

But there has been no mention of a register of American Muslims in recent months – something Mr Trump said he would “certainly implement” in an interview in 2015, but later distanced himself from.

A number of people vowed to stand in solidarity with America’s Muslim population after Mr Trump’s election in November, but Ms Albright’s tweet appears to have inspired others to speak out – including Ms Bialik, who stars as Amy Farrah Fowler in the hit series The Big Bang Theory, one of America’s most popular sitcoms.

“I’m Jewish. I stand ready to register as a Muslim in #solidarity if it comes to that,” she wrote.

Later, the outspoken Trump critic added: “If we’re registering people who you think are a threat, register white males too, since most serial killers & mass shooters are white males.”

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