Christmas Message: Let’s pray for Nigeria – President Buhari urges


Buhari and Kumuyi: Let's pray for Nigeria, President urges.

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Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has called on citizens particularly the Christians to seize the festive mood of Christmas to pray for Nigeria to get over its current challenges.

The President, in his 2016 Christmas message to Nigeria, personally signed by him, on Saturday, said there was no better time to pray for the country to move forward in peace and tranquillity than this period that everybody was in the consciousness of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

Rejoicing with “all Nigerians, particularly our Christian brothers and sisters, on this year’s celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ,” President Buhari believed it would be appropriate for all to reflect on the love of God aptly espoused in the teachings and lifestyle of Jesus Christ, who during his earthly sojourn, according to the presidential message, repeatedly reminded his disciples and followers of peace that comes in the midst of trials and tribulations on earth.

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“There is no better time than now in our nation’s history to pray for divine guidance to get over our current challenges,” he said, adding that the only way there could be peace in Nigeria was for all Nigerians to learn to tolerate and appreciate one another, respect constituted authority and be their brothers’ keepers in word and deed.

The President, in the message, said, “During this period, we should remember to offer special prayers to God for all our heroic citizens who paid the supreme price to restore peace and security in the North East and other flash points in the country. Let us also remember in our prayers the security forces in the frontline in the continuing battle to rid our nation of terrorism and violence.

“We must not forget the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in our midst and those who have suffered untold hardship as a result of activities of insurgents and terrorists.

“Our immediate priority is to alleviate the poverty of Nigerians by quickly stimulating the economy. I assure Nigerians that our government is doing its best to make life easier for all.

“Let us therefore, renew our hope in the God-ordained unity, progress and prosperity of our great nation.

“I wish all travellers safe movements and a memorable holiday as we celebrate with our family and friends,” President Buhari said.

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