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Wakeel Salawu’s thought on call for sack of service chiefs

I suspended my pen because I didn’t have adequate time to write extensively on the call for sacking of the Army Chiefs as solution to the recent setback suffered by war on bokoharam.

Without adequately delving into the matter, many buhariphobics may be left in more confusion since they can only limit their interpretation capacity to Buhari factor in every post.

Let me state that I am indifferent to their being sacked, because I neither gain nor lose anything personally wether they are in or out.

To put the pros and cons of the decision in perspectives, attempts must be made to answer the following questions, among others.

1. Did they ever perform? Did they ever show any competence?

2. How did they meet the war and what were they able to do or fail to do?

3. What went wrong thereafter? That is, what brought the regressive change in recent time? Could it be shortage of man power, inadequate funding/insufficient supplies, internal sabotage, some weakness in intelligence gathering, the tiredness of the service chiefs or the terrorists have merely metamorphosed and changed strategy, as usual of enemies in war?

4. Would mere change of service chiefs do the magic turn around?

5. Do public members possess information as much as available to the C-in-C, as to the better performance records of those that will take over?

6. In wars, who gives a nation better edge? Veterans or new bloods?

7. Then the general appraisal of how well have we faired in the war given the history, nature, style and experience of terrorism wars across the globe?

These and many others will guide our contribution and decisions.

Of all the above, if any negative evidence is established against the service chief, the President should not hesitate to relieve and replace them.

May Nigeria triumph.

© Wakeel Salawu

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