WAKE UP: To the Isheshe claimants, “E j’ogun o mi”, “Let go with war”

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Somebody made a social media post and said a pastor committed suicide in Igbo Land and Isese people took his corpse to evil forest and buried it there. He then asked, “Where are the pastors?”…. Several comments began to pour encomiums on idolatry and abuses on religions they call foreign… I have since replied to the post but have also lifted it and another one, earlier, to form a content in my opinion article column here for widerspread, globally. Excerpts:

“As for them who want to take war to Ilorin, with due respect to Baba Professor Wole Soyinka, I can only appeal to you that “E j’ogun o mi” meaning “Let go with war” because Ilorin is not mate of any occultic element.”


Mr xxxxxx xxxxx Where I disagree with you. Africans might have their ways of life before the knowledge of their major purpose of creation (not arrival of foreign religions) came to them. People need to go and study history of religions very well before they start making Africans look at themselves like they were created by other than the same God who created the people of the world and from whom the religions by evidence, which they erroneously call “foreign religions”, came to them.

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Even in the Arabian Penninsula, for over 500 years after Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, people were not aware about God the truth. They worshipped these same objects you Africans tend to call your gods (the powerless) until God himself raised Prophet Muhammad – peace be upon him – from among them.

Note, they (the Arab) – like those claimants of Isese supremacy now in Yoruba Land – were not aware of the oneness of God brought by Jesus – pbuh – because Jesus message was meant only for the lost sheep of Israel. The moment truth of God came to them, gradually, they lost taste for their dwelling in idolatry life.

So, Mr. xxxxxx xxxxx, it is in denial of the message brought by the Jesus you profess to tell us “Africans had their ways (of life) before the arrival of foreign religions and cultures”.

I swear by God who created the world, heavens, Earth and what are contained in each and between both heavens and Earth that Islam brought by Prophet Muhammad pbuh and the truth of God brought by Jesus Christ pbuh are one and not foreign religions but the basis upon which God created humans and other creatures.

It should interest you Isese claimants that God created humans, you inclusive, requiring no payment neither compensation other than for you, we inclusive, to submit to his supreme authority by way of prescribed worship.

How to do this worship is spelt out in the periodic scriptural evidences with which he raised his prophets and messengers (peace be upon them) from among their human communities.

I will agree with you, if you can point to one thing, living or non-living, that any of the pre-eye open Africans’ idols they call Isese created.

I don’t need to be a Saint to open your eyes to these truths. God did not say he created any human being as saint but he did of Angels and his chosen messengers, peace be upon them all.

Last but not the least, be rest assured that there is no country of the world that has Constitution or Law, which permits a religion that approves atonement human blood or body parts. This is so because not even God, at whose disposal alone resided the power to cease and make free, approves atonement by human blood or body parts. If he does, he would have made it through with Our Father of Faith, Abraham (Ibrahim – peace be upon him), to go ahead and slaughter his only son – Ishmel (Ismail – begotten by him at his 80s) – for him in fulfilment of his (God’s) right having been promised by him – Abraham. But God replaced that sacrifice with Ram. And when a descendant of Abraham (Muhammad pbuh) came much later as the last prophet but from a nation (Arabia) where messenger was never raised before (Qur’an chapter 36 early verses), he reiterated commitment to that practice of atonement (not by human or body parts but) by Ram, saying it is the practice of father Abraham and should be practiced by all his followers. Reason Eid-el-Adha is vital as festival of the Muslim because God accepted it as said by Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and that was legislated by the supreme Lord as a bigger festival for believing people of him, especially those who come under the fold of Islam as brought by Muhammad pbuh.

For this reason, all those claimants of Isese, who tend or are threatening heavens and earth and plotting attacks on Muslims and Christians as if they own any, should be careful because the God who created the world with them inclusive can seize them at any time.

As for them who want to take war to Ilorin, with due respect to Baba Professor Wole Soyinka, I can only appeal to you that “E j’ogun o mi” meaning “Let go with war” because Ilorin is not mate of any occultic element.

No historical fact of known event has shown Ilorin as ever paying Ishakole (dues paid as mark of subservience to a supreme authority) to Oduduwa Land. If the Yoruba history of coming of those that founded the land were anything to go by, it means the Yoruba came to Ile-Ife via Ilorin on way through Nupe from the East of the world. So, where is the need for all the threats? E lo jebure! Meaning, “Please, be calm”.

Also, let all Yoruba Obas, who are Christians or Muslims be. Yoruba Obaship is not entitled to, by occultists alone. Freedom of religion should be respected by those that profess occultism so long those Christian or Muslim Obas do not attack them while doing their own things where they have capacity to do so.

No Christian or Muslim is your member

“So the Isheshe people know that those so-called Christians and Muslims coming to them are part of them not part of Christianity or Islam they claim to belong. In their hearts they are occultists. Go and know that.”

As for them that carry the impression that Christian or Muslim’s power is sourced from occultism and suggests that those occultists should give condition that any of them that comes for help should deposit his or her photograph and other details, I have a word that should permanently rest your case. And I take this also from my recent post on the Facebook social media timeliness where I replied to a friend’s who so posted.

HHead said: “My candid Advice to ISESHE FAITHFULS. (1) When they come to you for consultations , make it a norm for everyone to drop their photo. (2) Let “them” fill forms in your presence in their own handwritings and attach the picture submitted above. (3) Help them solve their problems but keep a data base on your computer having the above highly germane informations. (4) if and when they misbehave by attacking your beliefs and religion release those information to the public stating the time and date they consulted you. I HATE HYPOCRITES!” and he credited the post as “Copied from Dayo Ajibola’s page”.

Because I senses and saw both innocent ignorance and arrogant emptiness at play in the comment quoted above, I took my time to reply to it and I present my readers, globally, herewith a repeat of my comment to him for the general benefits of all. Read my reply below:

I said, “Lols, Ore, the Isheshe people themselves cannot do what you have suggested. Ask me why. It is against Isheshe doctrine to GBABODE (betray) themselves because they know that “Christians” and “Muslims”, who come to them for consultation are not believers. In fact, Islam states it clearly that any Muslim that goes to soothsayer (be it Alfa using Tesbiyyu, or pastor using Bible rolling with key, or Herbalist, his worship will not be accepted by Allah for 40 days and he must not stop to worship for the period.

“The Isheshe people know that they are making wrong accusation when they say Christians and Muslims rely on their powers. Powers belong to Allah alone. What they claim as power is magic, which is cursed by Allah and used only by Satan to deceive people, especially those with hypocrisy in their hearts.

“So the Isheshe people know that those so-called Christians and Muslims coming to them are part of them not part of Christianity or Islam they claim to belong. In their hearts they are occultists. Go and know that.

“Only in Yoruba Land I have seen people confusing these things. Which law of any country will approve a faith doctrine that sees no wrong in atonement by human blood or body parts? Which law of any country will approve the worship of satan? This is the basis of Isheshe and why are you supporting them? What is complicated to understand in this?

“Only politicians (so-called Christians or so-called Muslims) who are part of them can grant them public holidays abd that is what you see happen7ng in Yoruba Land that you are seeing. And those, who say Traditional Rulers who cannot patronise occultists should quit throne, should say it again. The throne is not meant for occult for occultists but creator of all creatures.”

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