WAKE UP: Just before Aisha Buhari returned – FLASH BACK


President Muhammadu Buhari and wife, Aisha, perform Umrah (lesser Hajj) at the Masjid Haram (the Grand Mosque) in Makkah, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saturday, May 18, 2019.

By Bashir Adefaka

Days before she returned, I had made a post on my Facebook wall  advising the First Lady to watch the steps of her husband and stop playing to wailers’ gallery. I said so because I am aware of the “Mosafun e to” nature (Enough extracarefulness) of this Wife of globally acknowledged incorruptible Nigerian President when it comes to avoiding things capable of making her misconstrued by media judgements. But her “Mosafun e to” is not enough in implementation.

Her Media Aide, Mallam Suleiman Haruna, can tell the number of times I had personally visited the Villa to raise this issue. Where you know your family is the only or one of few that are sincere about struggle for better Nigeria, you cannot be too distant from your enemies and cannot be too close to your friends. Mallam Suleiman Haruna, did I say so? (I dont resist a counter).  The media space of our country can be too unfriendly towards the Muhammadu Buhari Family.  The great news is that the President refuses to be distracted.

However, it is not all comments that Aisha Buhari should make and not all blind, senseless lies in circulation should attract her response.  Currently, the power of Nigeria is resident in the masses of the people who know that yes they have difficulty but know that people who are responsible for their hardship are sponsors of those lies to distract them (the people) from their evils.

If Aisha had watched the steps of her husband and had restricted herself to that, on arrival from London, UK, she should have just limited herself to the few words contained in a statement her Director of Information, Suleiman Haruna sent to the press 6.45am moment after she arrived on Sunday October 13.

I am told wives of military officers, serving or retired, are feared more than their husbands meaning they too have some features that accord military discipline and respect to them. She should have just kept her silence on many of the things wailing wailers push in circulation and allow her media and publicity handlers, who know when to release statements and when not to release, to do their job.

She needed not speak on that video, even though some lawyers, who know the legal implications of people busting into others’ privacy or revealing others’ privacy for mischief, are now falling in love with, celebrating her for accepting to be the woman in that mischievous video in circulation.  They delete the atmosphere in which and contextual disposition by which she made the admittance. She said it was an old video. Why then do these lawyers try to use that statement to justify a link with their concocted second marriage of Mr. President?

Lest I forget, those who are rumoured to be a cabal around the President and, who are doing things to give job of the mouth and on social media to the enemies, should not think it is as if we don’t see. We only see and do like we do not see. We hear and are pretending like we do not hear.  Except that we have refused to be like bat so as not to resemble one governor of recent time because we are strictly patriotic as installers of this government and have tirelessly stood behind it.

For how long can we therefore continue to tolerate the kind of embarrassment some people so much loved and trusted by the President we made by our free votes, expensive data and risky professionalism mixed with politicisation for the love of country? Must we continue to watch while they continue to mess up the First Family at all fronts? Recall how they started it; from concocted Osinbajo’s N90 billion election money to many others.  If there was no insider feeding the opposition outside with half truth, could a sticky object like Timi Frank dare to say what he said which was just an information he grabbed without substantiating facts?

Now the video. I used to believe that General Mamman Daura (Rtd) is so much trusted and believed by President Muhammadu Buhari as head (if I am not wrong) of his Kitchen Cabinet.  We are not unaware of General Daura’s influence in the Aso Rock Presidential Villa.  But the question we now ask is, when the President was said to have been poisoned (through whatever means we heard and did like we did not hear), where was Daura? If President Buhari had died, how many of them would be there for his wife, the now allegedly persecuted Aisha even to the face of her husband, his children and even surviving elder sister?

Yes, we blamed Aisha for talking to BBC about how people in her husbands’s first cabinet were unknown to him but imposed by some people we were later told not to be far from Daura. But for how long do we expect a lady in her early 40s to be able to stomach the kind of anger and frustrations?  Enough of this, our elders in the corridor of powers! Why should leakage of video of a private engagement inside the rock of powers be a job of daughter of the same General Daura?

It is not as if we, Buharist Patriots, do not know that wailing wailers’s fake news are usually triggered by something. We attack them because they twist and slant whatever is the trigger. But those leaders (in Kitchen Cabinet or Cabal) that are being looked at must not look the other way.  If we that earn nothing from government can stake our lives in defence of this President and his government, those that directly earn a living, albeit permanently or temporarily, must not be the ones doing things capable of collapsing it. 


*Bashir Adefaka, an Isolo Akure Prince, is a Lagos media practitioner. Reach him via omope72@gmail.com.

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