TV Drama: ‘Sons of The Caliphate’ set to beam aristocracy of the Northern Nigeria

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By Ifeanyi O Ifeanyi
The ever bustling Film House Cinema in Lekki came alive last Wednesday as a new TV drama series that is bound to showcase the rich culture of the people of the Northern Nigeria with title “Sons of the Caliphate” was unveiled.
The media preview of the 13-part drama series showing now on the platform of EbonyLive TV meant to catch the attention of wide audience who may not be too familiar with Kannywood productions was created, written and produced by Dimbo and Karachi Atiya, with the Screenplay by SifaAsani Gowon for global viewing. 
‘Sons of The Caliphate’ set to reposition the stereotypes about Northern Nigeria in a way people have not imagined before, is about the lives of three rich, passionate and ambitious young men, Khalifa, Nuhu and Diko who are caught up in the hidden corners of power, the darkness of addiction and the obligations of family loyalty. It also promises to take the audience on a journey into the rich, flamboyant aristocratic lifestyle of Northern Nigeria.
Featuring in this unique series are top Nollywood actors and actresses that include Patrick Doyle asAlhaji Umar Loko, as former military Head of State and present political force in Kowa state, Mofe Duncan, Sani Muazu, Yakubu Mohammed as Dikko Umar Loko son of political stalwart Alhaji Umar Loko; a flamboyant self- made businessman and car enthusiast.  Paul Sambo features as Kalifah ibn Maiyaki III son of the Emir of Kowa – self-made politician and businessman. The Kannywood/Nollywood actress, Rahama Sadau played the role of Binta Kutigi – A very young self-employed lady who runs an events management company called Binta’s Bespoke Events based in Abuja.  She is confident, intelligent, witty and composed, stylish, elegant yet traditional while YvonneHays featured as Lotanna ‘Lottie’, Professional photographer who works from her studio apartment in Abuja.
The drama introduces the world of the three ambitious but powerful men and the beautiful Binta, joined to navigate the treacherous waters of corruption, assassination, betrayals and love.
Speaking to newsmen during the premiere, the producer, Dimbo assured viewers of the quality in production taking cognizance of the norms and rules of the zone the film is coming from.
“Much as we strive to showcase the rich culture of the Northern Nigeria in this drama series, we were careful with our stories and plot judging from the situation in the country. We don’t want to upset anybody with any provocative and situation that can bring blasphemy of any religion, ethnic culture or otherwise. Every project we have, we have consultants who work on it. The whole sensitivity is taken care of.” Dimbo said.
EbonyLife TV boss, Mo Abudu also reaffirms that the drama ‘Sons of The Caliphate’ is an interesting drama. “When Dimbo approached me, I saw it and approved of it and said, lets develop it. It took quite a time to edit and develop it and that is how to get a good job done. The drama series showing on Ebonylive TV is the first northern film showcasing the rich culture of the north. For me, it is very important that we show to other countries what’s happening in our county. It is the only way we can appreciate each other and get to know each other well.”

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