The misjudgement that Palestinians allow themselves used by ‘terrorists’ as human shield

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*Why Hamas is not terrorist

*Aisha umar Yusuf is correct


All over the world and across continents, Nigeria that is supposed to be the giant of the world’s biggest black race is the most silent and unclear in its position about the rather acts of terror being perpetrated by Israel against the defenceless people of Palestine.

More sadly, it is from same country some citizens have misapplied the good use of social media to blame the Palestinians “for allowing themselves by terrorists (Hamas) to be used as human shield at war”. They are probably comparing Palestine’s case versus Israel with Ukraine versus Russia but they are wrong. The two are a clear difference needless of rocket science to understand. It is completely undesirable misjudgment by United States-led West and Nigerian believers of their misfired propaganda, pushed our through their ever manipulated media in times like this to leave the much required need of collective against Israel’s unholy mission in Palestine and begin to blame Palestinians left with no option but resistance fight against their oppressors.

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Whereas there was an established fact of overuse of powers by United States-backed Ukraine with its daily shelling of Dombass, that is the Eastern Ukrainian region, and for which reason Russia finally heeded the call of the oppressed for assistance – coupled with deployment of equipment of war by America along the borders of Russia with Ukraine and Polland with intent to subdue the powers of Moscow, the case of Palestine and Hamas versus the State of Israel is incomparable.

It was right to blame Ukrainians for allowing themselves to be used as human shield because they know that their country was equal to the task of fighting a war being a nuclear power but failed to see the evils of their President, Vladimir Zelensky, killing the innocent people of Dombass for ethnic cleansing reason and bombing churches daily.

Also, they were vehement in their resolve to stand with the evils and so they were naturally bound to die by both weapons of Russia’s liberating forces and that of their Nazist President, who thought himself to be the best tool America should use to continue to keep Russia out of relevance through destruction of Dombass region and depopulation of Russian speakers and depleton of its culture in Ukraine.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, therefore, came, he saw and has been able, not only to help take the entire Eastern Ukraine back from Ukraine and through a referendum that only Zelensky’s sponsors were opposed to but also, he, alone, defeated all the 30-member NATO countries that were on ground physically with their high capacity lethal weapons and troops to back Ukraine against his country.

Now the case of Palestine. United States of America’s hand is also found in it just like the hands of United Kingdom, France and Germany among others were also found in the disturbances of global peace from that Israel, Palestine axis. This is because they all conspire to fully equip the State of Israel, which did not exist until 1945 but was brought by Britain-led arrangement to settle on a portion of the Palestinian land and it has never let the owners of the land, Palestinians, know peace since then, over 70 years now. How does Britain give what it does not have?

The Jews, though most favoured by Allah of mankind (Qur’an says) until they lost the status, were long scattered by divine design and have no base because of their own disloyalty towards their creator. What Britain did by bringing Jews to that setylement was a counter to divine decision and the Arab World’s engross in material things that incapacitate them their firm and decisive action is reason zionist Israel could pretend to be any biblical Israel. That truth will begin to unfold from now because this Israel nothing to be loved and supported by any true Christian except his or her allegiance to Jesus Christ is fake.

Would they (even the original Jews) have attempted to kill Jesus Christ if they were loyal to God? In recent weeks, video of a scene in Israel went viral where Israeli security agents made frantic effort to stop an America evangelist on pilgrimage, who was preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and he was told their Toral stipulates that anyone that preaches Jesus Christ should be killed.

They lied, however, because Torah, like Injeel (original Bible), Saburah (book Solomon was sent with), and the Qur’an (the last revelation of God given to Prophet Muhammad) peace of Allah be upon all of them, is one of four books of God given to Moses (peace be upon him). So, it is not possible that God would contradict himself just like Allah confirms in the Qur’an that the prophets are all God-sent and must not be discriminated against. Only the zionist ideology of atheism that rules Israel could think like that not Torah.

But sadly, that ideology is where the Redeemed Christian Church of God and its General Overseer, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, in Nigerian evangelism community belong. Otherwise, what could be the pride of them in the shameful disturbances of peace and genocides Israel and their purportedly God’s own country – America – are perpetrating in Palestine? Abu Akleel, Al Jazeera journalist killed by Israel, was a Christian. Many Christians are populated along with Muslims in Palestine. What is the pride of these Christians of Nigeria that makes them unappologetically stand with Israel in the current circumstances? October 7? A lie. This is how and why they were responsible for the removal of History from Nigerian educational curriculum but long later returned by President Muhammadu Buhari. Even today they still vehemently preach against remembering the past so History will not expose their evils past as they perpetrate fresh evils at the present. We now know why.

But why is it that when it comes to truth, it is always difficult for the West and people who, because of quest for their dollar crumbs, share their sentiments, particularly in Nigeria, to see in themselves, what the North Koreans say in definition of a moral leper? According North Koreans, “a moral lepal is someone with no sense of right and wrong, on issues that matter.”

Now after berthing all the weapons of mass destruction in Israel for the continued genocides being perpetrated by Israel especially since October 7, 2023 attacks by Hamas, which they and media loyal to them (the West) continue to describe as surprising and most shocking, America has now asked the oppressor to stop but it (Israel) said “no, we will continue to kill their women, children and the defenceless”. That is the interpretation for the refusal of America’s call for ceasefire by Israel.

But who will ever trust America with that call for ceasefire when it is no hidden fact that any American politician needing to rule the country needs the votes of Jewish population to win election? So for his self political ambition, President Joe Biden has on his hands blood of over 9,500 Palestinians mostly women and children killed since October 7 and before then including the Al Jazeera woman journalist cheerfully killed by Israeli soldiers backed by Benjamin Netanyahu.

Why Hamas is not terrorist

Now, the Palestinian people of Gaza Strip organised themselves and democratically elected some among them who formed the Gaza government they call Hamas. The Hamas has Ministries of Defence, Finance, Humanitarian Affairs, Religious Affairs with extention of care and guard for world’s third holiest mosque, Al Aqsa, Health, Agriculture and Education among others. The Hamas is an appellation like there has been ‘Transformation Agenda’ of a Nigerian government, later and currently ‘Renewed Hope’ government, every other government has its appellation.

The Gaza Strip Hamas government’s agenda is to resist the decades long oppression by Israel (partly aided by their own brother Egypt too which continue to shut its borders against their possibility of securing help) and help rebuild their damaged society. To them who call Hamas terrorist group and are blaming Palestiniansfor alllwing themselvesto be used as human shield, the question is, on what ground? How many innocrnt Borno people was killed because Nigerian military was fighting mboko Haram that is even recognised by all as terrorists? Why do Israel go into homes, force owners out, shoot their mothers, children, others, claim it is fighting terrorists and anyone would believe it?

On what ground are Palestinians blameable? Ukraine, an already established world power still extremely fortified by America and others in the West, cannot be called terrorist over its daily acts of terror that show no respect for humanity, worship centres, schools and hospitals, talking from the standpoint of pro-West Nigerians. How does Hamas government of Gaza deserve to be called terrorist by the same backers of Ukraine and Israeli terrors when all Hamas is capable of doing is only an established government on the approval of its people, to engage in resistance fighting to help them stop the unchecked terror by Israel, which is natural?

Even if Netanyahu or Biden is captured today and taken to the slab of slaughter, it is only natural he will try to resist being killed like chicken, even chicken resists to be slaughtered. It matters not whether the resistance brings physical success or not. How does such resistance become terrorism?

Aisha umar Yusuf is correct

In her ANOTHER DIMENSION newspaper column article titled, “A roll-call of moral lepers”, published in daily trust, Aisha Umar Yusuf blamed Arab world leaders for the Israeli oppression of their brother Palestine for wining and dining with Israeli’s western backers who want them to enjoy together and overlook the sufferings of their own.

She started the write-up saying, “A lot of unfortunate video and still-life images have been seen by millions of us, in the last several days. But the ones that stuck in my mind are the sights of Arab leaders at a meeting in Cairo, and another of them at the UN Security Council, appealing for a ceasefire in Gaza.

“There are countless clips, of many aspects of the tragedy unfolding right now in Palestine, but the aforementioned pictures of Arab leaders are the most unfortunate, in my opinion.

“This is because they are the best placed to end Israeli carnage in Gaza and the West Bank. They have no need to beg others.

“There is no need for them to issue platitudinous statements begging Israel to desist and go back to the two-state solution.

“All they need to do is to announce a suspension of all crude oil sales to America and Europe, until Israel halts its murderous operations in Palestine.

“All they need to do is to send every Israeli diplomat packing from every Arab city and recall theirs from Tel Aviv.

“What they need to do is to deploy the sophisticated weapons they’ve been buying and stockpiling from the US and Europe, to the borders of Palestine and threaten to use them against Israel, the moment it starts a ground invasion of Palestine.

“Yes, this is truly what we want to hear from leading Arab countries because it is both do-able and necessary. But why are we not hearing it?

“Why are demonstrations taking place all over the world, in solidarity with Palestine, including in most Arab countries but their governments are unable to lift a finger to do what is right? Why do they prefer to pay lip service to the Palestinian cause rather than act decisively to aid it?

“What is it about these wealthy Arab nations that all they fear is incurring the wrath of US and Israel, rather than the dire need to stand by their Palestinian kith and kin?

“The most perfect weapon in their arsenal is actually the oil wealth Almighty Allah has given them. He, SWT, chose to give them what their enemies desperately need to survive, why can’t they withhold it and without a shot being fired have the murderous duo of US and Israel dancing to their tune?

“I know there are people today who say that oil politics is no longer fashionable because the Western world is busy trying to find alternatives to crude oil. But the truth is they haven’t found that alternative so their homes, their transport and aviation industries are all dependent on crude oil to function.

“If the US can so shamelessly support the current carnage in Gaza, with Joe Biden even saying that the attack on Al-Ahli hospital was the handiwork of Palestinians themselves, why won’t their Arab brothers and neighbours use any tool at their disposal to help them?

“American war ships have already been deployed in the sea near Israel, with the sole aim of assisting, whenever Israel needs them. Why won’t the Arabs do the same? Perhaps the moral leprosy that has spread all over them has finally taken its toll.

“Saudi Arabia sits on one-quarter of the world’s daily crude oil supply, imagine the upset it would cause if it were to announce a suspension of oil sales for at least a week. But they won’t even try it. If the idea is to put pressure on Israel, we must remember that Saudi’s de facto ruler, crown prince Muhammad Bin Salman openly told a Jewish organisation giving him an award that his own mother was Jewish. Never mind that the lady in question was said to be his nanny.

“Whether out of filial loyalty to her or as part of his unholy reforms in the Kingdom, Bin Salman certainly will not stick his neck out for Palestine. And so, the bloodbath continues!

“King Abdullah of Jordan has every reason to want a totally liberated Palestine. Almost half the population of Jordan are Palestinians on exile since the 6-day war. Additionally, his own Queen, Jordans first lady, Rania, is a Palestinian by birth. But none of these could make him do more than read that statement stating their lame position after the Cairo summit.

“The worst part of it is that they openly said that they wouldn’t take a position after the summit because some participants, ie the Western diplomats have refused to let Israel be castigated.

“Therefore, King Abdullah ended up reading a report that rehashed the old platitudes about ensuring safety on both sides, resorting to the two-state solution while saying nothing about stopping Israel and punishing it for atrocities committed in the Occupied Territories.

“Yes, we know that Jordan doesn’t have oil. But it still patronises Israeli goods and services. Therefore, boycotting all Israeli businesses, closing down their offices and sending home their diplomats is well within the capacity of Jordan to make. But they won’t do it.

“The Emir of Qatar was shown showing concerns about Israeli savagery in Gaza and the death toll, but there is no willingness to stop oil sales to Israel and the US.

“In November last year they hosted the most expensive World Cup in history. In fact, the money spent on that sports jamboree was more than what was spent in all the previous World Cup tournaments combined.

“With that kind of wealth, what will Qatar miss if they suspend crude oil sales for at least a fortnight? And it will certainly cause enough upset in the market to force the Israelis and their American sidekicks to their knees. But they won’t do it. And we all know why.

“The United Arab Emirates was the first to condemn the October 7 attacks on Israel three weeks ago. It appears they are totally oblivious to what Palestinians had to endure in the last several months, since the desecration of al-Aqsa mosque in Ramadan.

“Innocent worshippers were whipped and killed in cold blood while observing their prayers in Islam’s third holiest site.

“But the Emiratis have forgotten all that, just like they conveniently forgot that for the last 75 years Israel has committed all manners of atrocities against Palestinians.

“To the Emiratis, October 7 was unprovoked and stands condemned. With this, it is obviously too much to ask either their President, in Abu Dhabi, or the Dubai Emir to stand with Palestinians, through a stoppage of crude oil sales or by boycotting Israeli services. Nothing can make them consider breaking diplomatic ties with their beloved Israel.

“The world’s first 7-Star hotel, the iconic Burj al Arab, is said to be a joint venture between Emiratis and Israelis. This is how attached the UAE is to the apartheid state. Do you see why they can’t waste their breath on poor and oppressed Palestine?

“According to North Koreans, a moral leper is someone with no sense of right and wrong, on issues that matter. When they crowned former US president, George Bush Snr a moral leper during his reign, they celebrated it by printing a giant photo of him on the carpet of a hotel lobby in Pyongyang.

“Whoever was walking into the hotel would have to step foot on George Bush’s face then. They were not to know that a worse evil would befall the world in the form of his son George W Bush Jr.

“Suffering a double dose of moral leprosy, George Bush Jr staged the September 11 attacks and then launched the world into a war on terror that costs countless lives and limbs. That’s the story of American statesmen. However, they are the same people the rulers of Arabia cherish and revere.

“In a roll-call of moral lepers surely those of Arabia will only come second to those of the US.

“What a tragedy. But again, I repeat, Israel will lose this war in the end. Whether they launch a ground offensive in the next few days or continue with their aerial firepower, whether the Arab leaders act decisively to help their brothers or not and whether the US deploys all its military might in the aid of Israel or not, the Israelis will never ever win against the Palestinian resistance and the Divine Might behind them,” she wrote.

Aisha Umar Yusuf’s article early October in Daily Trust was brought I here to back my position on the Middle-East because, apart from her being a sister of elderly status including in the journalism profession, all the submissions she made in the article are carefully and freely put together and deployed from the garden of unassailable truths. I concor that those authorities of the Arab World too have quite a great deal of questions to answer.

But before then, from the boundary of Kaora Namoda in the Nigeria’s North West to the gate of the port of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia and from South Africa all-through Ankara in Turkiye to the Krimlin in Moscow, Russia, very many meaningful numbers of people with milk of humanity in them are saying “Enough!” to all the hypocrites of the West in the Israel-Palestine conflict and anywhere imthey have provided oxygen fkr similar apatheid in the world.

This is where I stand!

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