That Governor Soludo’s call to FG to release Nnamdi Kanu to him as surety

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I have no immediate thoughts on Governor Soludo’s request for the federal government to release Nnamdi Kanu to him as a surety as reported by the Defender Newspaper.

I am not necessarily averse to the idea, even as I see possible further or new security issues arising from such a move based on the concerns below.

Will or can Governor Soludo confine Nnamdi Kanu to Awka, Anambra state upon such a release and produce him whenever needed as he pledged?

I believe to his followers, anything short of Nnamdi Kanu being free to relate and speak to them in the manner and language he is used to would not be a release.

How exactly will Soludo keep Nnamdi Kanu from breaching his bail conditions or from leaving if the latter wants to. I mean, there has been a precedence.

Can Governor Soludo actually keep Nnamdi Kanu and also keep away the hordes of his largely brainwashed followers and the more radicalised elements among them who I can bet would want to ‘free’ him from wherever he is kept in Awka or at least keep up attacks in the state in a bid to intimate the Governor to ‘releasing’ him to them?

It is pertinent to note that almost all Nnamdi Kanu followers still believe in his promise of a Biafran nation. Has Nnamdi Kanu renounced that? If he has, how would he convey that to his followers, and how would they receive it without seeing him as a ‘sell out’ or “saboteur”? That is the problem with mounting a tiger.

I am not privy to any backroom discussions between the Governor and Nnamdi Kanu, if there are, but these need to be carefully considered in the larger picture because deciding on any such move. So that more problems are not created in trying to solve one.

All that said, it is at least commendable that Governor Soludo is acknowledging the untenable security situation in the South East and proffering possible suggestions. What about his kinsman and predecessor who is running for the office of President of Nigeria?

Finally, I applaud Prof Soludo’s efforts in seeking solutions to the unfortunate and largely self-inflicted insecurity situation in the South East, but like I have always said, I wish he would forge a better alliance with his brother South East Governors. That would go a long way to help. There can be no enduring security in Anambra State without relative security in the other 4 states of the South East.

My humble take.

*Dr. Uche Diala sent this as his reaction to Sunday report of The DEFENDER titled, “BIG RISK! Soludo takes difficult security decision, begs Buhari to release Nnamdi Kanu to him as surety”

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