LETTER: How Christianity and Islam related before the coming of pentecostalism, by Akintoye Obisesan

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On Thursday August 4, 2022 the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) conveyed a press conference to present the truth it said the Christian leaders as represented by Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) avoided in telling their international collaborators, the West, about global nature terrorism that is causing insecurity in Nigeria and called them liars from the pit of hell. MURIC added, however, that there is no iota of doubt Nigeria has many Christians, who stand with, for the truth and love Muslims. One of them is Akintoye Obisesan, a Nigerian in the Diaspora living in South Africa, who gave his word for the lifting of a relevant article from his Facebook social media page on Friday August 5, 2022 for publication in The DEFENDER. Excerpts:


“Meanwhile, is it true that CAN opposes Islamic bank (JAIZ) to rebuild a market in Christian dominated Jos? May CAN and its like not ply the roads built with Islamic bank funds.”


Until Pentecostal brand of Christianity came into the pictures, Christianity was never built on fears or suspicions of other religions.

Until Pentecostal church encroached into our spaces, gospel of Christ was purely based on love, peace, harmony and charity to all and sundry irrespective of religions.

Many Muslims never had issues to attend Christian missionary schools and same goes with Christians to attend Islamic missionary schools.

Muslims would attend Christian missionary schools without demanding to be wearing Hijab.

Christians in Islamic missionary schools also never bothered to demand for prayers to be led by persons of Christian faith.

Everything about our religious life started nosediving at the advent of Pentecostal brand of Christianity.

Ordinary mortal beings started claiming to be the holder of the keys to the gate of hell.

Pentecostal churches pastors started seeing visions of some parents being the very sources and causes of problems of the same children they brought to the world.

Marriages started crumbling owned to many so called prophecies being told to wives or husbands by those Pentecostal Christian pastors.

Emphasis are no more laying on gospel to win souls for Christ Jesus instead on tithes and offerings .

Fears and propaganda started becoming the messages to Christian faithfuls something which has fueled suspicions towards one another.

Today, we have Pentecostal churches being at the forefront of promoting theories of Islamization agenda in every areas of our lives namely schools, agricultural sector (RUGA), financial sector (Islamic bank) to mention but few.

We would claim to be civilized and holier than thou western countries of Australia, US, UK or China etc.

I am wondering when Australia and co that Islamic banks are operating in their society will be Islamized.

Meanwhile, is it true that CAN opposes Islamic bank (JAIZ) to rebuild a market in Christian dominated Jos?

May CAN and its like not ply the roads built with Islamic bank funds.

*Akintoye Obisesan, a Nigerian in Diaspora (South Africa), wrote.

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