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Jaysecom integrated resources limited in its activities serving the chemical industry, has always devoted special attention to satisfy those requirements resulting from the different characteristics of certain types of applications or products, as it is the case, for instance, in the industries processing polyurethanes, plastisol and water – proofing or other coating products, among many other Our technical department is ready to receive and study with the utmost interest all executions to meet the demands of special processes.
The hydraulic/ H S D is the most technically advanced cavitations’ mixer ever produced, Apart from its technical advantages, as with the hydraulic H S D it utilizes only one third of the space of its would _ be competitor,
The hydraulic cavitations mixer meets the most severe requirements in processing high viscosity pastes, its high performance, in terms of high output and consistently repeatable quality of dispersion, has been reached after an exhaustive examination based on productive efficiency and the all important space saving consideration
Defines an extremely wide and complete range and different sizes of dissolves for all types of production, widely known and adopted throughout the world, The technical data of DISPERSER cover a wide field of specialties in the chemical industry, for example: Paints and Enamels-Shellac -Ink -Varnish -Bituminous -emulsion – ceramics -gloss and Adhesives- Rubber and Latex-Paper -Pharmaceutical products -plastics -Resins -Waxes -Cosmetics-Herbicides -Fungicides- Chemistry in General, Among the special advantages of this line of dissolver – dispersers, it is worth mentioning, Premixing of pigments and extender with appropriate binders before the refining or grinding of the pastes by single roll mills, ball mills or sand mills marked saving of time is obtained in these processes.

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