Investigative report on alleged political interference in Kano gubernatorial election judgments

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I. Executive Summary

This investigative report delves into the alleged interference by key political figures, including APC Chairman Abdullahi Ganduje and President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, in the Kano Gubernatorial Election Tribunal and Appeal Court judgements. The report reveals a series of events that suggest manipulation and undue influence to secure favourable outcomes for the APC.

II. Background

On September 19, the Tribunal members, en route to deliver the judgement, were redirected by unidentified security operatives. The subsequent day, a pre-prepared judgement, allegedly written by the APC legal team, was read, declaring the APC as the winner. The Appeal Court judgement was also controversial, prompting widespread reactions.

III. Presidential Involvement

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Our investigations indicate that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, prompted by APC National Chairman Abdullahi Ganduje and DG DSS Yusuf Bichi, made repeated calls to the Appeal Court President, Justice Monica Dongban-Mensem, to influence the judgement in favor of the APC. DSS DG Yusuf Bichi facilitated communication when direct contact with Justice Dongban-Mensem proved challenging.

Motives and Consequences

The report suggests that the orchestrated interference aims to destabilize Kano state, particularly targeting Rabiu Kwankwaso, and consolidate APC control in strategic regions before the 2027 elections. The fear at the Presidential Villa is that allowing Kabir Abba Yusuf to remain as Kano Governor could hinder APC’s chances in 2027, given current economic challenges and perceived electoral vulnerabilities.

V. Opposition and Legal Actions

The NNPP alleges APC’s desire to establish a one-party state, vowing to resist and restore the mandate of the people of Kano through legal means. The report highlights the NNPP’s commitment to challenge the legitimacy of the election results and reaffirm Alhaji Abba Kabir Yusuf as the duly elected Governor of Kano State.

VI. Supreme Court and Future Developments

The report concludes by outlining ongoing efforts by key actors to influence the Supreme Court, indicating a persistent determination to control the political landscape in Kano. The conflicting judgements from lower courts have intensified the political battle, leaving Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf at the mercy of the Supreme Court.

VII. Conclusion

This report raises significant concerns about the alleged interference in the Kano Gubernatorial Election judgements, emphasizing the need for a thorough investigation and ensuring the integrity of the electoral process. The evolving situation requires close scrutiny as it unfolds, particularly regarding the Supreme Court’s role in determining the political fate of Kano state.

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