Fresh crisis in Ikare over attempt to undermine Ondo Chieftaincy White Paper

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*How Ikare age-long crisis can be settled permanently with creation of ‘Ikare-Oke’ town


A community leader at Okoja, Chief Ojo Ogundare who described the latest crisis as unnecessary, blamed those trying to undermine the White Paper which placed Olokoja of Okoja under Owa-Ale, for the fresh conflict. “Okoja can’t be separated from Owa-Ale due to many reasons,” he said.


The latest crisis in Ikare Akoko is blamed on the attempt by some hoodlums who call themselves youths to undermine the report of the Ajama Chieftaincy White Paper which was recently released by the Ondo state government.

On page eight and nine of the White Paper, the state government duly recognised the High Chief Olokoja of Okoja Quarter as one of the Kingmakers of the Owa-Ale of Ikare.

It would be recalled that Olokoja chieftaincy is the only traditional head of Okoja Quarters, while others at the quarters are mere honourary Chiefs.

According to a source in the town, “It is expected of any youth who wishes to carry out any carnival, to take instruction from the Olokoja of Okoja, which is under Owa-Ale before going ahead with such ceremony at the heart of Okoja. But some hoodlums who have been stopped by the security agencies not to do the carnival still went ahead, a situation that led to the crisis.

“The crisis is basically among two factions of youth groups within Okoja. Iyometa youths are not involved. One thing I can tell you for free is that both Okoja and Iyometa areas in Ikare are under Owa-Ale’s jurisdiction.

“It is also funny that since the Ajama white paper was released, some unscrupulous elements have been trying to make Iyometa looks like a separate town from Ikare. The issue of alienation of Iyometa from Ikare in all their correspondences is a dangerous trend. It is Iyometa-Ikare, It’s a calculated attempt to give the impression that Iyometa has been cast out of Ikare; that’s not true and nobody can separate Owa-Ale from Ikare. Iyometa is a sub-unit in Ikare,” the source said.

A community leader at Okoja, Chief Ojo Ogundare who described the latest crisis as unnecessary, blamed those trying to undermine the White Paper which placed Olokoja of Okoja under Owa-Ale, for the fresh conflict. “Okoja can’t be separated from Owa-Ale due to many reasons,” he said.

Ogundare tasked Governor Rotimi Akeredolu, SAN, and security agencies to use the Ajama Chieftaincy report in settling Ikare crisis.

He said a press statement issued by faceless individuals on behalf of Okoja Community which tried to drag Iyometa youths into the crisis, should be disregarded.

“You can see that the press statement is not signed by anybody or any group. They are faceless.

“We urge our amiable Governor Arakunrin (Akeredolu) to allow Owa-Ale to take over Okoja as part of his area of jurisdiction as contained in the Ajama Chieftancy Report for a lasting peace in our town.”

Below is an open article written by Mr Jide Omotola (an Ikare indigene based in Akure) on how to settle Ikare Crisis Permanently;


It is a well-known fact that Prince Agbaode, the First Owa Ale of Ikare was the founder and first Oba of Ikare. He was one of the many Children of Oduduwa. About 600 years ago Agbaode left Enuowa Quarters in Ile-Ife alongside “Olowo of Owo and Asin in Oka” during the great dispersal with other Princes from Ile Ife. Prince Agbaode took the Title Owa Ale of Ikare. He left Ile-Ife with some prominent Ikare High Chiefs such as Olokoja, Olona, Oshodi, Oniku, Aiko, Oloyinmo, Alaja etal.


The Owa Ale of Ikare and Olukare Chieftaincy dispute is age-long and chequered with celebrated legal battles. The matter got to Privy Council in 1953 during the colonial era. Aside oral history, there are many intelligence reports, letters/documents from colonial administrations, Commission of Inquiry reports and letters from Olukare Family that affirmed that Owa Ale of Ikare has exclusive right to wear bearded Crown in Ikare. The Lagos daily news of 12 February, 1935 an archival document was conclusive of the fact that Owa Ale founded Ikare.


History will definitely remember Our Dear Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN, for good in settling Ikare chieftaincy. To the glory of God, the position of Owa Ale as an Oba is firmly established and laid to rest. Succeeding administrations in the State since the advent of the present civilian administration have at different time stood by equity, fairness and justice, the current administration of Governor Odunayo Oluwarotimi Akeredolu SAN has taken it to top notch with his fidelity with truth.

The governor in his magnanimity elevated the stool of Owa Ale to First Class status for which we are grateful forever. Ikare Chieftaincy dispute is sue generis, it is in a class of its own and as such deserves special consideration.


Now that the issue of Obaship in Ikare has been laid to rest with the Historic Elevation of Owa-Ale to First Class Status, government should take a deeper look at the issue of jurisdictions for the two Monarchs in Ikare and the changing of Owa-Ale title.

It is also pertinent to note that this title of OWA ALE OF IKARE has been in existence from time immemorial and it has never been in dispute and it has never been called “OWA-ALE OF IYOMETA”.

OWA ALE OF IKARE was not in contention as various government white papers and court judgements (since 1940s) till most recent court verdict in 2022) recognized the title as OWA ALE OF IKARE, it is our prayer that the Title Owa Ale of Ikare be retained as it is, irrespective of what government decides to do on the area of jurisdiction.


There will be a serious legal crisis for Owa-Ale stool in future and it will still be an injustice to change Owa Ale of Ikare to Owa Ale of Iyometa, Ikare while Olukare of Ikare remains intact, it is therefore, better and foster harmony to leave the two Titles as they currently stand while each Monarch administers his own domain.

In the alternative and if we must tinker with the Title at all, Owa Ale domain could be Ikare Oke thus (Owa Ale of Ikare Oke) this accords with practicality and present reality just as we have similar experience in Omuo Ekiti where there is Olomuo of Omuo and Olomuo Oke of Omuo Oke Same scenario in Ikere between Ogoga and Olukere where the Stte Government recognized Olukere of Ikere with jurisdiction over Odo Oja while his title remains Olukere of Ikere and existing with Ogoga of Ikare.

In Our State, Our amiable Governor recently resolved the age-long tussle between Olubaka of Oka and Asin of Oka Odo with Asin Jurisdiction over Odo Oka.

We believe if the above precedents are followed in Ikare, it will further help and deepen the peace effort of the Government.

For determination of domains, the Head of Owa Ale of Ikare Kingmakers is High Chief Olokoja of Okoja as affirmed by “the Government’s approved Owa-Ale Chieftaincy Declaration” and any move to severe Okoja out of jurisdiction of Owa Ale would deal historical blow to Olokoja Chieftaincy and may undermine lofty peace efforts of Mr Governor in Ikare. It is thus our prayer that government should avert historical injustice in this regards. Owa-Ale is ready to make sacrifice for peace to reign as intended by Mr Governor and it’s not too much to demand for Iyomefa as his area of jurisdiction, or at minimum inclusion of Okoja with Iyometa area due to our historical linkage on traditional festivals, markets, deities etc.

We have 17 communities/quarters in Ikare, (please see below) it will not be too much to concede six (Iyomefa) to Owa-Ale, or alternatively Four of them (Okorun, Okoja, Iku & Okegbe) to be called “IKARE-OKE”. This shall lead to a permanent peaceful coexistence in Ikare.

May God continue to bless our Dear Arakunrin Akeredolu and his administration.

List of quarters in Ikare in Ikare

1. Okorun

2. Okegbe

3. Iku

4. Okoja

5. Odeyare

6. Okeruwa

7. Odoruwa

8. Oyinmo

9. Ekan

10. Igbede

11. Isakunme

12. Edo

13. Ilepa

14. Okela

15. Eshe

16. Odo

17. Iyame

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