IN 2022: Ibadan Polytechnic announced dress code, penalty for new, returning students

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Management of The Polytechnic, Ibadan, set a Code of Dressing for new and returning students with sanctions for defaults.

The Public Relations Officer of the institution, Alhaji Soladoye Adewole, said the indecent dressing and posture rules of the institution was to ensure sanity on campus.

He said: “We want to bring sanity into the system as there are certain things that are not Orthodox that students engage in that we want to stop.

“In this part of the world a man does not use earrings. If any student wants to use it, they use it outside. A man doesn’t braid his hair except he is a ‘sango’ worshiper.

“All these are foreign concepts that have crept into our system. When you are in a tertiary institution you are not there for fashion, but for serious academic exercise.

“We don’t want any student to assault the sensibility of others.”

According to him, sagging is no longer allowed on the campus, half naked dressing is also no longer allowed and students are not allowed to bring babies to class as it will distract the attention of other students and the lecturer as well.

Adewole said any student with babies should use the creche facility provided by the school with a token as creche fee.

“We also do not encourage pregnant women to stay in the hostel because the institution has no facility for antenatal care or emergencies.

“The clinic that we have is not a maternity home, so any one with pregnancy should take responsibility and care for themselves as the institution is not taking the right to be pregnant or to have children from anyone. Only that such persons should take the responsibility that comes with their actions,” Adewole noted.

He noted that a task force would be put in place to ensure compliance as lecturers and security officers of the institution would also ensure compliance.

It was gathered that the notice on indecent dressing and posture, shared in a flier on the campus as notice to new and returning students, stipulated that the institution certificate will be awarded to students found worthy in both academic pursuits and good character.

It was also said that most of the sanctions attract one semester suspension.

“Students are required to abide by the Institution’s Standard and Code of Conduct, of which Indecent Dressing/Posture is one,” the notice read.

Commenting, an undisclosed source said, “If all higher institutions can do the same thing our society will be okay.”

Some of the details of the Code of Dressing as gathered below:

The Polytechnic, Ibadan New Rules and Regulations and their penalty


1. Multi Coloured Braid for females. One (1) Semester suspension

2. Coloured Hairstyles. One (1) Semester suspension.

3. Hair Braiding for Male. Two (2) Semester suspension

4. Dreadlocks. One (1)
Semester suspension

5. Spangled Hair Style for Male. Two (2) Semester suspension

6. Earring for Male/Cowries for Female. One (1) Semester suspension

7. Unconventional Wearing of Face Cop/ Fez Cap. One (1) Semester suspension

8. Tattered Jeans. One (1) Semester suspension

9. Micro/Mini Dress. One (1) Semester suspension

10. Crop Tops/Jump Tops. One (1) Semester suspension

11. Off Shoulder Clothes. One (1) Semester suspension

12. *Backless Clothes. One (1) Semester suspension

13. Transparent Wears. One (1) Semester suspension

14. Bum Shorts. One (1) Semester suspension

15. Nose, Mouth Eye Extra rings. One (1) Semester suspension

16. Sagging. One (1) Semester suspension

17. Tattoo. One (1) Semester suspension


1. Intimate Open Embrace (Hugging) One (1) Semester suspension

2. Openly sitting on each other’s laps (Opposites Sex) One (1) Semester suspension

3. Nursing Mothers/Pregnant Students residing in the Hostel. One (1) Semester suspension

4. Bringing Babies to the Hostel/Classroom. Ejection from the Hostel/Classroom One (1) Semester suspension

5. Driving of tinted vehicles by students into the campus. Impounding of Car One (1) Semester suspension.

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