Daughter of late Lagos businessman, club owner, Kehinde Ayorinde, speaks from safe location abroad


A club house in Lagos.

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Nigerian girl, Kehinde Ayorinde, who escaped abroad from assailants trailing her over the property of her late father, has spoken with The DEFENDER.

Story of Kehinde, who has been out of reach for 4 years, suddenly resurfaced but she strictly requested that her location should not be revealed as she is not sure her stepmother, Folake Ayorinde, alleged to be in the making of the plot for her attempted murder has relented.

Narrating her story, she said: “They planned to kill me over the property of my late father and because there is no safe place I knew within Nigeria and for the fear that not even security agents could help because of the involvement of some uniform men in the attempt on my life, I had to find my way out of the country. How it happened is not what I can begin to tell you on the pages of the newspaper for security reason,” he said.

Speaking further she said, “My father has properties and it was because of these properties that my step mother attempted to kill me, because she had no offspring for my father and that is why I believed what we later heard that she did.

“It was after the death of my father and his will was read that it was discovered the will was tied to my name and that of twin brother, Taiwo.  Till date, we have not seen nor heard my twin brother, Taiwo.  He just disappeared from home, we do not know whereabout, maybe he is alive or dead.

“The lawyer informed us that my father instructed in the will that the property should be in care of our stepmother till we clocked 25 years when she will hand over the property to us.  Because of this, she has been maltreating us especially the twins that was with her, we lived like slaves. She might be thinking because my twin is a boy, he might become stumbling block on her way, she did whatever she did that led to his disappearance which is not known to us up till now,” she said.

“Yes, if you heard that I disappeared, she is the reason behind my disappearance but not that I died.  I am alive but everything I have left to my lawyer and they will handle the whole situation as things unfold. What is important to me presently is the safety of my life.  Even my stepmother knew that I did not die. She cannot dispose the properties because the documents did not bear her name. l am pleading with Nigerians to pray for my safety.”

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