Hajj rituals start midnight Thursday – Saudi Arabia


Ka'aba, Macca, Saudi Arabia, during a Hajj rites.

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Saudi Press Agency on Thursday reported that the 2019 Hajj rituals would start from the midnight of Thursday in Mecca’s Mina neighbourhood.

All pilgrims will reach Mecca by the end of Thursday, Mansoor Al-Turki, spokesman of the Interior Ministry, said at a news conference.

All pilgrims will move to Mount Arafat on Saturday morning, he added.

According to the spokesman, 350,000 pilgrims will be transported through the ritual train, around 750,000 to 800,000 travel by bus and the rest walk from Mina to Mount Arafat.

The Saudi Authority said that 1,838,339 pilgrims were expected to perform this year’s Hajj to compare with 2.37 million that congregated for the exercise in 2018.

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