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Coup attempt in Burkina Faso, as Gendarmerie arrests 3 soldiers

The Burkina Faso’s Military Prosecutor, Magistrate Commander Alphonse Zorma, on Friday 8 September 2023 revealed that three soldiers were arrested for attempting to stage a coup in the country.

Soldiers were arrested by the National Gendarmerie’s research section at the instruction of the Military Prosecutor, for offences bordering on “military conspiracy, violation of orders, conspiracy against state security, association of criminals and endangering the life of others.”

According to the military prosecutor’s statement, “Adjudant Windinmalégdé Kaboré, Sergeant-in-Chief Brice Ismaël Ramdé and ex-Corporal Sami Dah who acknowledged without hesitation.”

“These military and former servicemen, smartly, would identify sensitive points and homes, including that of the Transitional President and certain civilian and military authorities, in order to destabilize the conduct of the Transition.”

“To date, three (03) soldiers in charge have been arrested and presented to an investigation judge who examined them and placed in preventive detention for military conspiracy, violation of orders, conspiracy against state security, association of criminals and impeachment and endanger the lives of others,” Magistrate Alphonse Zorma stated.

The military prosecutor’s office said investigations are ongoing to establish “all possible implications and legal consequences.”

The Office invited anyone who has useful information that could evolve the investigation to take it directly for that purpose or put them at the disposal of the Research Section of the Ouagadougou Gendarmerie.

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