BREAKING: President Buhari tasked to dredge 60m deep, 30m wide barriers between Nigeria, neighbours, as SINET proffers solution to porous border, insecurity


Comptroller General, Nigeria Customs Services, Col. Hameed Alli Rtd displaying 661 pieces of Pump Action Riffles seized from Importers in Lagos on Monday (30/01/17). 00819/30/1/17/DAP/ICE/NAN

President Muhammadu Buhari has been advised to consider the immediate approval of dredging of the nation’s land borders to serve as barrier with her neighbouring countries in order to proffer long lasting solution to the smuggling of illegal items to Nigeria.

This, according to a statement signed by the National Coordinator of the Social Integrity Network, (SINET) Comrade Ibrahim Issa, will further compliment the efforts of the Nigeria Customs Service, (NCS) towards securing the nation’s porous border.

He noted that, “the project, when done, will provide absolute security and protection of Nigeria border and relief Customs from trailing smugglers around official and unofficial routes. The pit should be 60m deep and 30m wide. Such border barrier also exists between the United State of America, (USA) and Mexico but in different form.

“The barrier dredging project would be economical, less stressful and efficient as instrument for border control mechanism. It is high time we start thinking and embarking on projects that can sustain the relative peace and security enjoyed by Nigerians in the recent time due to the closure of land borders.”

Comrade Issa however commended the relentless efforts of the Customs Officers for their painstaking strides towards getting rid of smugglers out of the nation by abiding strictly by the regulations of border closure policy by the Federal Government.

He also thanked Nigerians for enduring the seeming hardship that the policy might caused within the short time stressing that, “It is only with unity and peace that Nigeria’s growth and development can be accelerated.”

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