Bisi Olatilo honoured alongside Nigeria’s First Lady in UK


It was an added feather to his cap, this time at global level, as ace broadcaster, Prince Bisi Olatilo bagged an award of honour in London, United Kingdom’s capital Friday night.

The Award.

At the award event where Nigeria’s First Lady, Mrs Aisha Muhammadu Buhari, was also honoured, Olatilo was represented by his friend and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BEntv London, Alistair Soyode.

Prince Bisi Olatilo, severally referred to as “The boss of Nigerian Television”, confirmed this to The DEFENDER Saturday morning via a WhatsApp communication channel.

Nigeria’s First Lady, Aisha Muhammadu Buhari, also receiving her award at the same event where Bisi Olatilo was honoured.

Olatilo is being recognised abroad as the Agent of change in the Entertainment and Media space in Africa.

The Award was given to him by INGOUk in collaboration with the United Nations.

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