AISAMI’S MURDER: Group commends Nigerian Army on discipline, tells IGP what escape of suspects from custody will cost Nigerian Police


From Left: IGP Usman Alkali Baba and COAS Lt. Gen. Faruk Yahaya. File.

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The Nigerian Army has been commended for dismissing summarily the two soldiers, who were involved in gruesome murder of Yobe Islamic scholar, Sheikh Goni Aisami of Gashua in Yobe State.

This commendation came by the Muslim Media Watch Group of Nigeria (MMWGN), according to a press statement issued and jointly signed by its National Coordinator Mal. Ibrahim Abdullahi and National Missioner Sheikh Abu Sheriff, dated August 29, 2022 and copy of which was sent to The DEFENDER on Monday.

MMWG said the open-trial conducted for the “wicked soldiers” in the presence of media practitioners has further increased the confidence of people in the military as regards discipline, rule of law and wiping-out of insecurity in Nigeria.

While commending the Nigerian Army for handing-over of the criminals to the police for civil prosecution, the Group called on the Inspector General of Police to ensure immediate prosecution of the dismissed soldiers and ensure that they are kept in a protective detention from now till end of their trial, as any untoward report of disappearance or escape of the suspects would bring police authorities in Nigeria to total condemnation.

“Several attacks of police formations by criminals that led to ‘burning, arson and release of criminals must not occur in this case’ otherwise the Police would be in serious trouble,” the Group warned.

It also called on the Yobe State Judiciary not to delay the trial of dismissed soldiers as any delay could lead to further insecurity in the North in particular and Nigeria as a whole.

The Muslim Media Watch Group of Nigeria  concluded by regretting the abolition of Armed Robbery Tribunals and public execution of condemned armed robbers in Nigeria; adding that the situation has further increased criminalities of various dimensions in Nigeria.

In early 70s to 80s, the Group said,  Armed Robbery Tribunals succeeded in reducing to the barest minimum in Nigeria armed robbery cases but with the emergence of civil rule,  it was scrapped as it was considered that such tribunals could not operate in a democracy. The Group said such Body could till be established in a way that would be acceptable to democratic a set-up.

MMWG reiterated its call to all State Governments in Nigeria not to delay further the signing and execution of death warrants of all condemned criminals who have lost their appeals to Supreme Court of Nigeria, as failure to do do is among the reasons why jail-breaks persist in the Country.

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