‘Groundless allegations’ by German spokesman ‘unacceptable’ – Türkiye

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The “groundless allegations” made by the German spokesman regarding the recent developments in Turkiye-Greece relations are “unacceptable”, Türkiye has said on Thursday in a statement,

The statement shared by Türkiye’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs added that it was Greece that violated the Turkish airspace and made flights over its mainland.

“We’d like to remind also the German spokesperson that it is not Türkiye who, despite the invitations, does not attend the confidence-building measures meetings both on bilateral levels and within NATO since last year and that announced it froze these meetings showing as an excuse the recent tensions in Aegean,” the statement stressed.

“We call on Germany, who claims to make an effort for dialogue and for easing tensions, to not take sides on the disagreements of the two allies, to not be an instrument to other countries’ unlawfulness, and to not make biased comments on issues and areas that it does not have neither authority nor responsibility.”

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