Fuel Price Cut: Eyes on Lagos transporters as commercial drivers in Jigawa set to reduce transport fare


A fuel pump in use.

Following announcement of new fuel pump price of petrol Wednesday by the Federal Government, some transport operators in parts of Nigeria are set to bring down the charges in complimenting the gesture by the government.

This is as attention has been focused on transporters in Lagos State who have penchant for indiscriminate fare hike on escuse of fuel price hike.

Nigerians resident in the state however expect that, with fuel price jacked down from N145 to N125, there should be a reflection in transport charges to the relief of citizens.

In the meantime, major and independent oil marketers in Ondo State are yet to implement the new pump price of petrol. The observers complained that Lagos State Government has persistently reneged on its duty to citizens it governs by empowering, formally or informally, touts with authorities of the transport sector in the state, which led to hard life that is inherent in living system in the part of the country.

The Federal Government had on Wednesday announced an adjustment of the pump price of petrol from N145 to N125.

A survey to monitor the situation revealed that some filling stations have complied with the new price while some have not.

According to a television station report online, as early as 8 o’clock Thursday morning, the mega station of NNPC in Akure had started selling petrol to customers at the new approved rate of N125 per litre.

There were, however, few buyers coming because many people in the city are not aware of the reduction, it said.

Meanwhile, the major and independent marketeers are pleading for more time to dispose the product they bought at the former rate before reverting to the new price.

In Jigawa State, although some filling stations are yet to comply, others are doing so with commercial drivers set to reduce transport fare.

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